Poker Player Bets He Can Eat $1,000 of McDonald’s Food in 36 Hours 

Posted on: May 9, 2017, 06:56h. 

Last updated on: May 9, 2017, 06:59h.

Poker player Mike Noori is a man who likes to put his money where his mouth is. But the real million-dollar question is, can he put $1,000 of McDonald’s food in his mouth, then chew it, and swallow it, and start digesting it, all within 36-hours?

Mike Noori Matt Savage McDonald's Bet
Not Lovin’ It: Two-time LA Poker Classic champion Mike Noori may have to consume at least 66,000 calories in 36 hours if he has a chance of winning this reverse weight-loss bet. (Image: LAPC)

Many people think it’s impossible. Almost everyone agrees that it’s stupid.

Noori is getting 5:1 on a bet proposed to him by legendary tournament director Matt Savage. While the exact figure riding on Noori’s success is undisclosed, Noori said on Twitter that so far that more than $200,000 has already been booked on the proposition wager, but only a small slice of that is his money.

“This is impossible,” declared fellow poker pro and aspiring food blogger Jimmy Fricke ( on the twoplustwo poker forums. “If he eats the lowest calorie/dollar food available (southwest grilled chicken salad) this is still 66,000 calories.”

“It can be done,” another poster countered. “20,000 calories a day combined with exercise is already something many men do in training. It isn’t easy but if he exercised throughout and had little rests it would help greatly.”

1,500 Apples Slices

Like all good gamblers, Noori certainly has a game plan. He’s opting to start off with $500-worth of apple slices, and then $200 in salads, with bacon, cheese and guacamole add-ons.

These dollar amounts on apple slices and salads were set as caps as part of the conditions of the bet.

With bags of apple slices selling at a dollar each, and three slices in each bag, that’s still a body-punishing 1,500 apple slices Noori would need to ingest before he even thinking about the weightier burgers.

No Blenders?

And yes, there will be burgers. It’s written into the rules, which state that $300 must be spent on “hot food items,” of which at least $50 must be burgers. Other requirements are that Noori “must eat everything that comes with the order (except the Happy Meal toy),” and “no blenders.”

The official rules also state that “Puking is OK as long as he doesn’t force the puke or puke repeatedly.” Indeed, safety first.

Gamblers have done notoriously foolish things for money over the years. In 2014 Freddy Torres agreed to jump into a shark-filled tank for $1,000. In 2011, Ashton Griffin won a bet that he couldn’t run 70 miles in one day on a treadmill. He attempted the feat while hungover and on very little sleep, but prevailed and was $350,000 richer once he finally reached the end of the treadmill.

In 2010, Ted Forrest notably put his health at risk by losing more than 70 pounds in a year. But it was all for a good cause, winning $2 million from Mike Matusow.

Then there was that guy who had the boob job.

But Noori’s weight-loss bet in reverse could be one of the more foolhardy and dangerous of the lot. And that’s exactly why we’re praying he pulls it off, or at least doesn’t choke on a french fry.