Naked Louisiana Diamond Jacks Casino Runner in Custody, Charged With Aggravated Battery, Assault of Police Officer

Posted on: June 22, 2018, 08:48h. 

Last updated on: May 30, 2019, 01:06h.

The Diamond Jacks Louisiana casino in Bossier City saw a bit more action this week than anyone may have anticipated.

Louisiana Diamond Jacks naked man
No shirt, no shoes, no nothing: Terrence Roquemore of Texas bared it all inside a Louisiana casino this week. (Image: Shreveport Times)

Hard to Subdue

Police were called after 24-year-old Terrence Roquemore of DeBerry, Texas entered the gaming floor butt naked around 11:40 pm CDT on Tuesday, June 19. When he refused to leave, casino security and several police officers cornered the man, who began hurling chairs and yelling in their direction.

A chemical spray did not subdue Roquemore, who appeared to be high on something, and he refused to be apprehended. He tried to flee when officers fired beanbag rounds at him, before tackling him to the ground. His legs were tied and he was handcuffed while slumped over — still unclothed — in a wheelchair.

From there, he was taken to University Health in Shreveport to be treated, and was booked into the Bossier City Jail this morning at 7:59 ET, according to the Bossier sheriff’s website.

Terrence Roquemore mugshot
Terrence Roquemore was booked into Bossier City Jail on Friday morning. (Image:

Roquemore has been charged with aggravated battery, aggravated assault on a police officer with a firearm, battery of a police officer, resisting an officer with force, and disturbing the peace while drunk, and obscenity.

His bond was set exceptionally low under the circumstances — at $1,000 for the battery of a police officer charge and $1 for the disturbing the peace charge (zero for the other four charges) — but even at Louisiana’s 12-percent-of-bond-plus-jail-fees statute to get out, Roquemore was still in custody as of 10:30 ET on Friday.

Facebook Foretelling

Roquemore’s Facebook page — which was still up as of Friday morning — listed his goal as becoming “President of America.” In fact, on June 19 at 5:36 pm, he wrote, “I’m president.”

The Texas man posted several updates prior to his arrest that may have hinted at his actions to come. Also on Tuesday, he wrote “No violence of any kind,” and his last post at 9:53 pm ET shows three mysterious emojis, but drew plenty of comments on the public post, some of which have since been deleted.

One commenter wrote: “I don’t think you’re going to be president now.”

Not the First Crazy Casino Incident

Roquemore’s behavior was just the latest in a string of now-infamous viral casino videos.

Last August, the JACK Cincinnati Casino removed a poker player after he allegedly soiled his pants at the table. Although fellow players at the table reported a malodorous emanation coming from his direction, the man — whose full name was never revealed — denied that he had self-soiled.

Slot machine players, who are famously superstitious when a machine hits a hot streak, have been known to refuse to abandon one when luck is on their side, no matter how loudly nature calls. There have been several examples of slot players refusing to use an actual bathroom recorded by eye-in-the-sky cams and later released on video.

Surveillance video from 2014 — reportedly from British gaming operator Quicksilver — shows a man temporarily stop playing a slot machine to pull down his pants and unabashedly defecate on the carpet before he returns to his machine to gather jackpot coins and quickly take off.