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American Gaming Association Gets 2nd New CEO in 20 Years

It’s not quite like picking a new Pope, but for the American Gaming Association (AGA), selecting a new chief executive for only the second time in 20 years is a weighty task. After all, the person they pick will be leading a powerful group that includes the likes of Sheldon Adelson (Las Vegas Sands Corp.),…Read More

Macau Baccarat Revenues Pulling Their Weight

What’s a little H7N9 virus, or a loss of mainland China gambling junkets, when you’re Macau, the most lucrative gambling region in the world? Even dings like that, which might affect less stellar revenue-creators than the Special Administrative District that draws some of the world’s biggest whales to its casinos, have not dimmed Macau’s first…Read More

Texas Gaming Reexamined; Trump Plaza Deal on Hold

Texas lawmakers – who for years have rejected measures aimed at legalizing slot machines and allowing full-scale casinos to be built in the state for which poker’s most famous game is named – may finally have to budge, after a study by the Texas Association of Business (TAB) showed that expanding legalized Texas gaming in…Read More

Replica New York City Park Coming to MGM Resorts Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the epicenter of all things replicated: the Statue of Liberty..the Eiffel Tower…pyramids and palaces…so why not add a replica New York City park to the mix? We know you’re laughing right now, thinking, a park? In Las Vegas? In the middle of the desert where it hits 110 pretty consistently from July…Read More

Cleveland’s Horseshoe Casino Gets Spanked, While Revel Almost Goes Broke

Don’t mess with the Ohio Casino Control Act, the Ohio Administrative Code, or the Casino Internal Controls in the “Birthplace of Aviation” state; they’re watching you, and watching you closely. So the swank Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland is finding out, after being hit for a second time this year with fines for not doing things…Read More

Taiwan to Gamble on New Casino Zones

The Chinese have the quaintest names for things; what we call “commercial areas,” they call “free economic pilot zones.”  It’s almost like the old regimes are still around, whispering in someone’s ear; it all sounds so very formal in tone. But there’s nothing formal about where Taiwan is headed now, as they lean further and…Read More

Health Bureau Smoking Mad Over Noncompliance with Macau Smoking Ban

Macau’s revenue numbers for 2013 have lit up, but now the Special Administrative District’s Health Bureau has smoke coming out of their ears: it turns out that 64% of the area’s casinos may not be in compliance with a no smoking edict that was supposed to go into effect as of the first of the…Read More

Ivey Makes History in Melbourne with 9th WSOP Bracelet

Playing in the World Series of Poker Asia-Pacific at Melbourne’s Crown Casino this week, poker megastar Phil Ivey took down his 9th WSOP bracelet win, tying with the legendary – and now deceased – Johnny Moss for most WSOP bracelets ever. Both considered masters of the game and daunting heads-up players, Ivey now looks to…Read More

Canadian Sports Betting Legislation Likely to Stall

Reports suggest that the single-game sports betting legislation in Canada is likely to reach an immovable object shortly following opposition from the nation’s Senate. Senator Bob Runciman, a crucial component and backer of the C-290 sports betting legislation, which was introduced into the House of Commons by Member of Parliament Joe Comartin last year, told…Read More

Thai Gambling Den Raid Goes Amok

In an attempt to quash illegal gambling operations in Thailand, Commander-in-Chief General Adul Snagsingkaew announced a crackdown on gambling dens and other places of ‘vice’ throughout the country. As a result, more than 200 officers from Metropolitan Police Division 2 recently took part in a Thai gambling den raid carried out on the infamous Tao…Read More

Fake VIP Room Hoax Henchmen Sentenced in Macau

Sixteen individuals, arrested last year, have been sentenced by Macau’s Court of First Instance for their involvement in running a twisted VIP room hoax in a Cotai luxury hotel room last year. The Macau Post reported that the sixteen arrestees were actually operating as part of a larger criminal syndicate. It reported that the syndicate…Read More

NY’s Cuomo Tells Seneca Nation to Negotiate or Else

You really don’t want to mess around with a New Yorker; especially not if he’s New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The second-generation governor (his father, Mario Cuomo, served as the state’s leader for three terms, from 1983 to 1994) is telling the Seneca Nation of Indians that he’s not bluffing when he says he will…Read More

Hooray for Hollywood! Old Style Glamour for New San Diego Penn National Casino

Back in the day, Hollywood’s biggest stars would get away to Vegas for a weekend, and thus was born the original interweaving of show business with gambling business. Now Penn National Gaming, a Pennsylvania-based industry giant (they own the upscale M Resort on Las Vegas’ South Strip as well as 21 other casinos across the…Read More

KGM Gaming and Spin Games Joining Forces for Online Gaming Services

With a number of U.S. states legalizing or heading towards the legalization of online gambling, Philadelphia-based KGM Gaming and Spin Games are aligning themselves to take advantage of these ongoing developments. The land-based casino supplier KGM this week announced an interactive games content letter of intent to license game content and interactive technology following an…Read More

House of Bourbon Renaissance with Macau’s New Louis XIII Casino

Nothing says “upscale casino for the uber rich” like a 17th century French king whose whole family bore the charming name of “Bourbon,” and for whom a rather pricey and fantastically packaged cognac is now named, does it? Et voilà, there you have it: the unabashed logic behind naming a new super posh Macau casino…Read More