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Will Massachusetts Casino Gambling Ever Really Happen? Place Your Bets

In 2011, Massachusetts passed casino gambling legislation, but in 2013, it’s still uncertain whether that will lead to any actual casinos being built in the state. While that law made it possible for licensing of up to three casinos in various parts of the state (along with one slots parlor), a combination of reluctant communities…Read More

PokerStars Denied New Jersey Online Gaming License, For Now

Atlantic City’s online casino launch may be just around the corner – it’s set for November 26th – but looks like the world’s biggest online poker room won’t be partaking in the festivities. PokerStars – part of the huge Black Friday scandal of 2011 – has reportedly been denied a New Jersey iGaming license. DoJ…Read More

Opposition MP Claims New Sri Lankan Crown Casino Is Illegal

Seems new casinos won’t be popping up in Sri Lanka without doing battle first these days. Not if the very outspoken Dr. Harsha de Silva has anything to say about it, anyway, and he most certainly does. And now, Dr. de Silva – a noted economist and member of the Sri Lankan main opposition party…Read More

Trial Begins for Operators of Makeshift New York Indian Casino

What makes a Native American tribe a Native American tribe? In legal terms, it’s simple: they’re recognized by the federal government. In a lot of ways, this is the question at the heart of the trial that has just begun for four operators of the Three Feathers Casino, an ostensibly Indian casino that had operated…Read More

U.S. Virgin Islands Could Offer Online Gambling

Most Americans know the U.S. Virgin Islands for warm weather and beautiful beaches that they can visit without having to get a passport. But thanks to a recent ruling from the islands’ Attorney General, this vacation spot may soon become just as well-known as a home for online gambling. Attorney General Weighs In V.I. Attorney…Read More

New York Gambling Legislation to Expand Casinos Gets Voter Thumbs Up

What a week it’s been for the land casino business back East, both good and bad. On Tuesday, voters in New York comfortably approved a constitutional amendment that will greatly expand the brick-and-mortar casino industry in the state. New York’s gambling legislation, which was to approve up to seven Las Vegas-style casinos in the state,…Read More

Massachusetts Casino Vote Defeated in East Boston and Palmer

Casino opponents in East Boston were hoping for a victory on Tuesday, and bracing themselves for what they thought was a likely loss. Instead, they quickly found out that they were facing a landslide – but one in their favor. Surprising Defeat Voters in East Boston rejected a proposed casino at the Suffolk Downs race…Read More

MGM Grand and Cirque du Soleil Cited in KA Performer’s Death

In shows like the Cirque du Soleil franchise across Las Vegas – which constantly push the envelope on stunning aerial feats, jumps and drops – it’s not immediately apparent when a real tragedy occurs and one of the performers is fatally injured. And for audience members watching “Ka” at the MGM Grand on June 29,…Read More

Poker Pro Bill Jordanou Stuns Australia with Alleged Bank Fraud

What would make a successful poker pro risk everything by getting involved in a massive, multimillion dollar bank fraud and Ponzi scheme plot? That’s the question many are now asking regarding Australian poker pro Bill Jordanou, who is under investigation by Victoria police for his alleged role in a bank fraud that went on for…Read More

New York Casino Expansion Could Prompt North Jersey Casino

In a lot of ways, the battle for the northeastern casino market has turned into an arms race between the states. And that means that when one neighbor unveils a new weapon, it’s only a matter of time before another answers in kind. That’s why there’s now a great deal of speculation that the latest…Read More

Suffolk Downs Boston Casino Vote Could Be Photo Finish

In the city of Boston, there’s just one issue keeping city residents up at night these days: can the Red Sox win their third World Series title in 10 years? But while David Ortiz and the rest of the Sox are busy battling the St. Louis Cardinals for baseball bragging rights, there’s another battle brewing…Read More

Hit With Crisis After Crisis, Caesars Struggles to Keep an Even Keel

If the old adage that bad publicity is better than no publicity holds true, then Caesars Entertainment Corp. is doing just fantastically well. By any other measures, however: not so much. As if being forced – for PR reasons – to cut ties with its Las Vegas Strip new hotel and casino project partner Gansevoort and…Read More

Just Six Months In, Nevada Gaming Commission Considers Online Changes

It’s only been half a year since online poker became legal in Nevada, and the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) is moving slowly when it comes to expansion of any kind beyond the popular card game. That being said, the Board is looking at some possible regulatory changes nonetheless. “We’re only six months into poker,”…Read More

South African Man’s Losing Lottery Ticket in Keystone Kops Mess

A young man from Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa – who laid claim to a National Lottery prize of R33 780 698 ($3,470,796) recently – was not only the victim of a crime, but also the victim of not reading the correct date on the ticket; something a lot of us could probably relate to,…Read More

Silk Road FBI Bust Putting Cyber Criminals On Notice

In today’s murky world of cyber crime, it’s become a battle of who can out-hack who. And somewhat to the underworld’s surprise, the FBI is getting pretty darned good at out-hacking the hackers at their own game. Where once a few guys sat in an unmarked van and watched bad guys through one-way windows, today…Read More