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EDITOR’S NOTE: “Vegas Myths Busted” publishes a new entry every Monday, with a bonus Flashback Friday edition. Today’s entry in our ongoing series originally ran...

Corey Levitan May 12, 2023

VEGAS MYTHS BUSTED: Howard Hughes Bought Silver Slipper Just to Dim its Sign

This is already our second Howard Hughes myth, and there are still a bunch left to bust. Supposedly, the world-famous aviator and movie tycoon...

Corey Levitan May 1, 2023
Grand Lisboa casino floor

Macau’s Casinos Need Segregated Gaming Areas to Boost Foreign Traffic, Expert Suggests

Macau's casino market is undergoing what is arguably its most significant transformation in 20 years. The Chinese SAR wants to attract more foreign visitors,...

Erik Gibbs September 22, 2022