Game of Thrones Betting Odds Hint at Potential Final Season Surprises Ahead of Premiere

Posted on: April 14, 2019, 01:00h. 

Last updated on: April 12, 2019, 08:59h.

The long wait for fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones is nearly over, as the eighth and final season of the hit fantasy series premieres on Sunday, April 14. While we haven’t seen a sneak peek yet, the shifting odds at some bookmakers could provide clues as to what’s to come in the final six episodes.

Game of Thrones odds
Jon Snow (left) and Daenarys Targaryen (right) are among the top contenders to sit on the Iron Throne at the conclusion of Game of Thrones. (Image: Helen Sloane/HBO)

While there will be no actual spoilers below, we will be diving into some of the speculation surrounding the final season, so if you want to go into the first episodes entirely unsullied, then you might want to turn back now.

The Race for the Iron Throne

The hottest betting market for Game of Thrones – and perhaps one of the most anticipated outcomes available to bet on in television history – comes in the form of a simple question: who will sit on the Iron Throne when the series ends?

Most of the favorites won’t come as any surprise. William Hill believes that Bran Stark (4/5) is the odds-on pick to rule over the Seven Kingdoms. It would certainly make some sense: Bran’s Warg abilities have made him extremely powerful, and there are a number of ways in which he could come into power, from an ascension via heroism in the war against the White Walkers to time travel shenanigans.

Other top picks make sense too. Sansa Stark (4/1) has seen her political acumen and power increase throughout the series, while Jon Snow (5/1) has been revealed to be the rightful heir of the Targaryen dynasty. Baratheon bastard son Gendry (7/1), Tyrion Lannister (9/1), and Daenarys Targaryen (10/1) all make sense as potential rulers as well, and current queen Cersei Lannister (16/1) cannot be ruled out entirely.

Surprising Name Climbs Iron Throne Betting List

But there’s one shocking name that has flown up the board in recent weeks. Petyr Baelish – better known as Littlefinger – is now listed at 8/1 odds, a stunning number considering that fans saw him die on screen during the previous season.

There is a fan theory that suggests Baelish may not actually have been killed in that scene, however, revolving around the idea that he may have had someone from the House of Black and White take his face and pretend to be him before his death. If so, he could be headed for a stunning return in the final season.

But while Game of Thrones may like to surprise its viewers, the return of Littlefinger seems unlikely. For one, it would undercut some of the major themes of the previous season, including the resurgence of the Starks. And even if Baelish did survive somehow, it would seem convoluted and hackneyed for him to somehow end up in power at the end of the series. While some events are shocking, the show does have a clear narrative arc that has been followed since the beginning, and it hasn’t been building towards a Littlefinger triumph. That’s enough for us to suggest laying off a bet on him to take the Iron Throne.

If you’re not sure which individual will ultimately rule Westeros, you can still take bets on whether individual characters will die by the end of the series. Among the favorites to die are Cersei Lannister (1/50), The Hound (1/3), and Jorah Mormont (1/5), while Samwell Tarly (1/6) and Arya Stark (1/3) are among those who oddsmakers expect to make it through the series finale.