Gambler Wins Million-Dollar Lawsuit Against Betfred Over Contested Blackjack Win

Posted on: May 12, 2022, 05:36h. 

Last updated on: May 12, 2022, 11:30h.

A Betfred client won almost $2 million gambling online in 2018, but the operator rejected the win. After successfully suing the gaming operator and receiving a larger reward, the gambler is ready to put his new wealth to use.

Andy Green
Andy Green, a gambler who received a multimillion-dollar payout from Betfred following a court battle. His first big purchase is going to be a man cave on his property. (Image: The Sun)

The vast majority of people who gamble – over 72% – do so for the entertainment value, not to strike it rich. However, in the back of their minds, hitting a huge payday is always a dream. On occasion, the dream turns into reality.

Andy Green, 55, had his dream come true in 2018 when he won £1.7 million (US$2.07 million) playing online blackjack on Betfred. The dream turned into a nightmare when the gaming platform rejected the win on a technicality. However, Betfred should have learned from previous cases.

Green took the company to court and won last year. As a result, Betfred was now on the hook for £2.4 million (US$2.92 million) due to accrued interest. The lucky gambler is now beginning to determine what he wants with his money. The first thing on the list is a man cave.

Finding Ways to Spend Millions

Green had to first receive permission from the local zoning board for his man cave, which he has now received, according to The Mirror. He picked out a spot in his yard for his retreat, budgeting around £25,000 (US$30,477) for the project.

The man cave will cover a six-meter (19.68 feet) area of the yard and serve as his escape so he doesn’t have to hear his daughters complaining that he’s “hogging the TV” while he’s trying to watch sports. Green apparently wants to be frugal with his money and hasn’t splurged. His biggest expenses have been new windows for the home, as well as a used BMX X6.

The ordeal Green went through to be able to receive the winnings was nothing short of a David vs. Goliath tale. There are horror stories of casinos and gaming operators trying to avoid paying massive prizes due to a “software glitch.”

Prevailing against a company with a team of lawyers and deep pockets is a monumental achievement. As such, Green’s saga may also become a movie or a series, for which he will receive royalties. His successful experience at the virtual blackjack table is still paying five years later.

Windsor Castle in Exchange For Lottery Win

While Green’s win is a huge success on many levels, another recent cash prize beats all others. Someone just claimed the sole jackpot ticket from Tuesday’s EuroMillions draw. That €215-million (US$227 million) prize is enough to buy Windsor Castle.

The jackpot is the largest of any EuroMillions since it began in 1994. The Daily Star decided to figure out what the lucky winner could buy with that much money, and came up with several novel suggestions.

Windsor Castle is reportedly worth £179.5 million (US$218.82 million). The lottery winner could buy it and still have plenty left over to cover the staff needed to run it. There would also be room to add a new Rolls Royce Phantom or a Bentley Flying Spur.

Alternatively, the winner could forego the royal palace. Instead, he or she could buy enough Ferraris that driving a different car each day of the year for two years would not be a problem.

Another possible option, and one that probably appeals to a lot of people these days, is a private island. Pumpkin Key off the Florida Keys is available for £77.2 million (US$94.09 million). It is an “extraordinary private island totaling 26 acres in the tropics of Card Sound Bay,” but still only 10 minutes from Miami.

That would still leave plenty of cash remaining. For that, perhaps the winner could follow in Frances Connolly’s footsteps.”