Dennis Hof Love Ranch Near Las Vegas Listed for Sale, Brothel Closed Since Pimp’s Death

Posted on: February 7, 2022, 02:59h. 

Last updated on: February 7, 2022, 03:50h.

Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada is up for sale.

Dennis Hof Love Ranch brothel Las Vegas prostitution
A sign advertises The Love Ranch in Nye County, Nevada. The brothel owned by the late Dennis Hof is up for sale at $1.2 million. (Image: AP)

Commonly referred to as Love Ranch South or Love Ranch Las Vegas, the Nye County brothel is listed for sale at $1.2 million. The property was owned by Hof, America’s most famous legal pimp, until his unexpected death in 2018.

Hof owned several brothels in Nevada, most notably the Moonlite Bunny Ranch that was the setting for the HBO series “Cathouse.” Hof also owned a Love Ranch in Lyon County, east of Carson City. That brothel was often referred to as Love Ranch North.

The Love Ranch up for sale in Nye was where Hof was found unconscious by porn star Ron Jeremy and later determined dead in October of 2018. After celebrating his 72nd birthday just hours earlier, Hof suffered a fatal heart attack. The brothel mogul did not drink alcohol or consume drugs.

Hof’s Pahrump Love Ranch is one of the three closest brothels to Las Vegas, the other two being The Chicken Ranch and Sheri’s Ranch. The Love Ranch is a roughly 80-mile drive west from the Las Vegas Strip.

The Love Ranch Las Vegas was also where former NBA star Lamar Odom nearly died. Odom was hospitalized in Las Vegas after being found unconscious at The Love Ranch. It was later revealed that Odom suffered kidney failure, 12 strokes, and several heart attacks during his sex, drugs, and alcohol binge at The Love Ranch.

$1.2M to Bet the Ranch

The $1.2 million listing price for The Love Ranch includes the brothel’s main 10,500-square-foot building. That is equipped with 15 bedrooms where prostitutes cater to patrons.

The property comes with a bar and commercial kitchen, two mobile homes, a backhoe, an excavator, a truck, and a limousine. The offering additionally includes approximately nearly 15 acres of land. Coldwell Banker is handling the real estate listing. Only cash and as-is offers are currently being considered.

The brothel was shut down after Hof’s death because of him being the lone owner listed on The Love Ranch’s operating license. The business never resumed operations.

Hof’s estate apparently has no interest in carrying on his legacy, and has instead opted to sell. Hof’s Love Ranch in Lyon also remains closed. There is no word whether that brothel will be listed for sale.

Nevada Prostitution

The casino capital of the US is the only state where prostitution is legal. Prostitution is legal in 10 of the state’s 16 counties. Clark County, home to Las Vegas, prohibits legal prostitution.

Legal brothels account for only a small fraction of the Nevada prostitution industry. State records show that licensed brothels generate around $75 million in revenue a year. That revenue is typically split 50-50 between brothel and prostitute, with the brothel responsible for paying a nine percent state tax on the income.

Estimates regarding illegal prostitution in Nevada vary, with some projections as high as $5 billion a year.