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China Testing State-Backed Cryptocurrency with Digital Cash Lotteries

China is using lotteries to test its new digital currency, DCEP (Digital Currency Electronic Payment). According to a notice from the government of Shenzhen,...

Philip Conneller January 6, 2021

Maduro Approves Petro-Only Caracas Casino as Dictator Looks to Support Scuffling Cryptocurrency

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro gave the go-ahead for the Humboldt Hotel in Caracas to open a casino, but there's a catch: all bets at...

Todd Shriber January 20, 2020

China Blockchain Gambling Market to Explode in Next Five Years, Says Blockdraw CEO

The Chinese online gambling market will continue to grow despite the best efforts of the Chinese government to stamp it out, and the future...

Philip Conneller October 14, 2018