Casino Crime Roundup: Poker Game Loser Allegedly Punches Other Player

Posted on: April 23, 2024, 07:53h. 

Last updated on: April 24, 2024, 09:57h.

A man who lost money in a poker game at Delaware Park Casino was arrested after fighting with another player, according to Delaware State Police.

Delaware Park Casino gaming floor
Delaware Park Casino gaming floor, pictured above. A man was arrested at the property after a fight. (Image: Delaware Park Casino)

Tavon White, 28, of Newark, Del., was charged with second-degree assault and criminal mischief last Friday morning at Delaware Park Casino in Wilmington, Del.

White and the victim got into a struggle at about 2:30 a.m. when White allegedly punched the other man in the face after an argument escalated into violence.

Serious Injuries

The victim suffered what State Police described as “serious injuries.” There were no details on any wounds or injured body parts.

He was rushed to a local hospital for treatment. Police didn’t have details on the victim’s updated condition.

White wasn’t injured in the fight. He was booked at Delaware’s Howard R. Young Correctional Institution with bail set at $10,500.

Horseshoe Casino Visitor Robbed

A man was robbed this past weekend while in the parking garage at Horseshoe Casino Baltimore.

The victim was in the stairwell on the second floor of the garage when he was accosted by two men who then robbed him, according to Baltimore TV station WBAL.

They were armed, had on masks, hoodies,” the victim said. “They asked me to take everything out of my pockets. I had no problem doing so. Specifically, they took my car keys and wallet,” Justin added.

There’s no word on how much cash was in the wallet at the time.

The bandits also attempted to steal his car, but for some reason couldn’t figure out how to start the engine, WBAL reported.

The victim immediately contacted casino security guards to report the holdup. They in turn contacted Baltimore police.

Baltimore police officers are continuing to search for the robbers.

Nothing is Worth His Life

In retrospect, the victim was happy he wasn’t injured.

“The first thing in my head is, nothing in my pockets is worth my life,” Justin told WBAL. “You can take whatever, as long as I don’t get shot. Do what you have to do. Everything is replaceable — my life isn’t though.”