$500 Gambling Loss Leaves Las Vegas Man Angry, Allegedly Kills Dog 

Posted on: January 5, 2021, 10:04h. 

Last updated on: January 6, 2021, 08:08h.

A small, three-year-old brown chihuahua named “Star” was allegedly killed by a Las Vegas man over the weekend. That’s after he lost $500 at the Plaza Hotel & Casino in downtown Las Vegas. The dog was his girlfriend’s pet.

The man denied killing the dog
Walter Stevenson, age 46, of Las Vegas, pictured above. He was arrested after allegedly killing a dog. The man had just lost money at a casino. (Image: Las Vegas Metro Police via KTNV)

Walter Stevenson, age 46, was arrested Saturday on a cruelty to animal charge, according to KTNV, a local TV station.

Initially, Stevenson won about $500 at the Suncoast Hotel & Casino. Just hours later, he went to the Plaza, where he lost the money gambling, the report said.

As a result, Stevenson was “irritated” and in a “bad” mood for the “rest of the day,” the girlfriend told police, KTNV said.

The girlfriend had two dogs in her apartment. Stevenson was alone with the pets Saturday around 3 pm. Sometimes, Star barked and growled at Stevenson, the girlfriend said.

The woman left the apartment to go with her grandson to Walmart. She got a call at 6 pm from Stevenson that Star was “sick,” KTNV said.

Upon her return, she found Star dead. The dog had blood around the jaw, KTNV said.

Suspect Offers Conflicting Version of Events, Police Say

Stevenson first told police he got into a dispute with his girlfriend. She took his $500 and he then left the apartment, he claimed.  Stevenson said he came back to the residence and found the dog dead on the floor.

Stevenson also suggested to police that Star was killed by the other dog in the apartment, KTNV said. But the injuries on Star were not those typically seen when two dogs get into a fight, police said.

The girlfriend later disputed Stevenson’s version of events.

The dog was in good health and had no symptoms in the morning. In fact, a Las Vegas Metro police officer believed the fatal injuries to the dog were synonymous with a person hitting a dog in the head, KTNV said.

Stevenson was charged with a single count of willfully or maliciously torturing, maiming, mutilating, or killing a dog, cat or animal. He was released on bail, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

Dog Dies Last Year After SUV Is Stolen

In an unrelated incident involving a dog and a casino, in March someone stole an SUV parked near Big Easy Casino in Hallandale Beach, Florida, and later abandoned the Ford Escape, leaving a small dog inside to die, news reports said.

The SUV was discarded about a mile from the casino by the thief. The windows were shut and the engine was off.

The high temperatures outside that day were well into the 80s. The dog’s name was “Bootsie,” according to WPLG-TV.

The dog’s owner apparently left the animal in the SUV with the engine running during the night, news reports said. The suspect broke into the vehicle and drove away.

In still another incident, in January 2019 a player, dressed in a camouflage jacket, caused about $500 worth of damage to a slot machine in Charenton, Louisiana’s Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel.

He punched the slot machine before fleeing from the casino in a car. He might have been angry over the results of his play on the slot machine.