Las Vegas’ Plaza Casino Installs Innovative Technology to Monitor for Coronavirus, Violent Threats 

Posted on: November 20, 2020, 01:34h. 

Last updated on: November 20, 2020, 10:38h.

Faced with a simultaneous risk for violence and COVID-19 throughout Las Vegas, the Plaza Hotel & Casino is installing a cutting-edge, artificial-intelligence-based surveillance system. It can monitor for far-reaching threats from hidden firearms all the way to fevers.

The surveillance system is driven by artificial intelligence
Las Vegas’ Plaza Hotel & Casino has a pool and many other amenities for guests. Now, it wants to upgrade safety precautions against possible threats. The Plaza is installing a high-tech system that can monitor for anything from COVID-19 symptoms to someone carrying a weapon. (Image: The Plaza)

When a threat is detected, the technology will immediately alert the Plaza’s security staff. Examples include anyone with bombs, guns, or knives.

But it does not stop there. It can monitor for disturbances or fights, as well as possible coronavirus symptoms such as elevated temperatures, people without masks, inappropriate social distancing, and even excessive occupancy.

Officially, it is called the PATSCAN Multi-Sensor Covert Threat Detection Platform. It is provided by Patriot One Technologies, which is based in Canada.

Hidden in the walls at the downtown Las Vegas property, the technology uses multiple sensors and is directed by artificial intelligence, more commonly known as AI. Such software is designed to “learn” from successive experiences as it monitors for possible threats.

“The PATSCAN Platform is … driven by artificial intelligence software coupled with a network of sensor solutions that can detect specific situations or information and provide actionable intelligence to the user,” Patriot One CEO Peter Evans explained to

The Plaza will install the sensors reportedly near the property’s entrances. Likely, it could be used to monitor the casino’s interior, as well as the immediate perimeter around the building.

The Plaza’s players, diners, visitors, or guests — as well as employees — will be unaware the high-tech monitoring system is functioning. But if someone is hiding a handgun or is suffering from a 103-degree fever — watch out. Security staff can take appropriate actions to lessen the risk for everyone else.

“This system is non-intrusive, and is designed to not interrupt business, the flow of traffic, or cause privacy concerns,” Evans said. “The platform looks for threats first before identifying an individual, thus protecting the person’s privacy and civil liberties.”

Las Vegas Tries to Curb Violence, Coronavirus

The system is getting installed at the Plaza as the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police are attempting to curb a citywide spike in violence by providing increased patrols. Officers are working in cooperation with multiple casinos’ security forces to reduce the risk of crime.

Several casinos along The Strip, and elsewhere in Las Vegas, have been sites for incidents in recent months. Much of the uptick was blamed on gangs.

At the same time, the number of coronavirus cases has spiked in Nevada. Casinos have implemented state-monitored health and safety guidelines to reduce the risk for employees and guests from the highly contagious virus.

On Thursday, it was reported that Nevada’s two-week positivity rate for COVID-19 was 15.6 percent. That is a state record for the pandemic.

Also, as of Thursday, Nevada has seen a total of 127,875 coronavirus cases. There have been 1,953 deaths.

Technology Better Solution to Control Risks

“Unfortunately, there are far too many tragic events that happen in our world, from active shooter and terrorist events to the spread of viral pathogens,” Evans said. “And, as concerning, the majority of the approaches to addressing these problems are labor-based, which is not an effective model.”

That can mean higher labor costs for casinos, hotels, and other types of employers. There is also a risk for human error.

These approaches don’t scale, and often times mistakes are made,” Evans said. “Patriot One’s goal is to leverage data and AI to provide a highly scalable, highly accurate and efficient solution that provides real-time actionable intelligence.”

Amy E. S. Maier, a spokesperson for the Plaza, told that the PATSCAN platform “will enhance the current security system and protocols in place at the Plaza.” For instance, since reopening after months-long required closings, Las Vegas casinos typically are checking temperatures of each person entering the property to screen potential carriers of COVID-19. Such activities become easier with advanced technology.