Virgin Reveals Its Rejuvenated Opening

The construction walls are down outside Virgin, and we’ve got a peek at what’s in store when the new resort opens at 6:00 p.m. on March 25, 2021.

The fence came down sans hoopla, now those anxiously awaiting the debut of Virgin can get a clear look at how far the casino has come since it was Hard Rock.

Virgin entrance
It’s all fun and games until somebody puts an eye out.

Virgin’s signage is going full bore, promoting its new offerings and touting the fact the resort will open with no resort fees.

Virgin no resort fees
One of the greatest phrases ever invented: No resort fees.

Here’s another pic of the shiny new porte-cochere (fancy talk for driveway) at Virgin Las Vegas. Technically, Virgin Hotels Las Vegas. Which is awkward, but we’re so excited about having a new casino in Las Vegas, we’ll give it a pass.

Virgin porte cochere
Rumor has it spaces in the parking lot won’t be numbered, but lettered. Good luck finding the G spot.

One more shot of the Virgin entrance for posterity. We suspect it’s the last time the surface parking lot will be empty at Virgin.

Virgin Las Vegas
Fun game: Find the suspicious security guard.

The only other thing we’d add is Virgin Las Vegas is really close to the airport (at the corner of Harmon and Paradise).

The planes fly so close, you can almost reach up and scratch their bellies. Or something.

Virgin sign
Just spit-balling here, but Virgin should sell “flight path view” room upgrades for all the aviation nerds.

Check out our exclusive pics of some Virgin venues, and get all the scoop on Virgin’s new bars and restaurants. Emphasis on bars.

The opening of Virgin Las Vegas is close at hand, and we can wait to get inside her.