Exclusive First Look Inside Virgin Las Vegas Resort

Virgin Las Vegas resort opens March 25, 2021, but we couldn’t wait, so our inside source provided some sweet photos to provide a taste of what’s to come.

Virgin Vegas
Does Virgin make you horny, baby?

Keep in mind, Virgin is still under construction, and they probably aren’t thrilled these photos are being shared, but we’re excited and can’t sit on them any longer.

We are incorrigible. And, you are correct, we had to look up how to spell that. Anyway, exclusive pics!

Virgin Las Vegas
Yes, our mole was disguised as a Majesty Palm.

From what we’ve seen, Virgin will definitely have a distinctive vibe, a style and sensibility unlike any other Las Vegas resort.

That unique sensibility was telegraphed by the announcement Virgin Las Vegas will not have resort fees when it opens. It will also boast free WiFi and parking.

Talk about winning hearts and minds before the doors even open.

Here’s an eye-popping preview of the Commons Lounge at Virgin.

Virgin Las Vegas photos
Sorry about the leaked pics, Virgin. Can’t get too mad that we can’t wait to get inside you!

They pretty much nailed it on this lounge, as the rendering (below) is fairly indistinguishable from the real thing. Although, they opted for a colorful carpet instead of tile. We dig it.

Nailed the execution there, Virgin. Bonus points if there’s a ram.

Here’s another shot inside Virgin Las Vegas, and we are 60 percent sure these are not sex swings.

Virgin sex swings
Oh, please grow up.

The overall feel of the hotel has a distinctively feminine energy, which makes sense as women business travelers are expected to be a significant portion of Virgin’s clientele.

We have access to more photos, but sort of don’t want to spoil the surprise any more than we already have.

The owners of Virgin Hotel (technically, “Hotels”) Las Vegas have spend months and a pretty penny overhauling the former Hard Rock, and they even pushed back their opening a couple of times because they wanted to do the launch right.

That doesn’t mean we can’t tease. The place is called “Virgin” after all.

Virgin Las Vegas sports book
Had to include one for the sportsball fans.

There are a lot more surprises in store based upon the renderings of the pool complex, casino, restaurants and lounges in the works.

Virgin door
Not a trace of Hard Rock remains. Don’t worry, though, the Seminoles are still poking around in Las Vegas and promise to return.

A few of the Hard Rock’s restaurants will be back—MB Steak (rebranded One Steakhouse), Pizza Forte and Nobu—but Virgin has several new offerings lined up, including Night + Market, Kassi Beach Club, Casa Calavera (from Hakkasan Group), Money, Baby, Afters Ice Cream, Olives and the Funny Library Coffee Shop. Get more details.

While Virgin Las Vegas hasn’t confirmed which of its venues will open March 25, 2021, we trust a few won’t come online right away. Here’s a look at the former Vinyl space, expected to be rebranded once live entertainment is a thing again (very soon).

Virgin Vinyl
Vinyl is expected to have a new groove.

We hope you’ve enjoyed a little taste of what’s brewing at Virgin, the first new Las Vegas casino resort to open in 2021.

Next up, Resorts World, expected in May or June.

There’s a lot to look forward to in Las Vegas, and the opening of Virgin Las Vegas sits right at the top of our list.