Six Random Things at the Plaza in Downtown Las Vegas

You never know what you’ll trip over if you just visit a Las Vegas hotel and roam. Here are six random discoveries at the Plaza Las Vegas, downtown.

1. The Beer Garden Nears

It’s been slow, but actual progress is being made in the hotel’s new Bier Garten. That’s Beer Garden if you’re not on the metric system.

Plaza bier garten
The suspense is almost more than we can bier.

It was previously announced the Bier Garten at the Plaza would open mid-November. Unless they have a time machine, that’s no longer accurate. Let’s just stick with “soon.”

2. A New Retail Store

Gigi’s Cupcakes closed at the Plaza back in August, and during our last visit, it was pretty barren in the Gigi’s space. However, we did note a display bearing Louie Anderson merchandise (the comedian headlines at the hotel), so we’re thinking the hotel might use this space as a gift shop of some kind. We should’ve bought more cupcakes.

Louie Anderson store
Louie Anderson is going to need to write a lot more books.

3. The Plaza Wedding Chapel

Hell, we were surprised, too. The Plaza has a wedding chapel, and it doesn’t look half bad. We’d having a wedding there. If we accidentally ingested a hallucinogenic plant and lost our mind. Which is not a reflection on the Plaza’s wedding chapel, at all.

Plaza wedding chapel
Are we crazy? We like this. Then again, we were once a mime.

4. Royal Rewards

If you haven’t been to the Plaza in awhile, the Royal Rewards loyalty program may be new. The casino cleverly uses playing cards to denote the various tiers in its loyalty club, which makes us wonder why nobody’s thought of that before.

We aspire to being a queen someday.
We aspire to be a queen someday.

Royal Rewards was launched in July, 2013. Read more.

5. Free Cashy-Cash

Speaking of Royal Rewards, club members have a shot at winning free stuff each Saturday. “Up to $10,000,” of course, is casino marketing slang for, “Probably not $10,000, but stranger things have happened.”

Please don't actually roll in dough. It'll never rise that way.
Please don’t actually roll in dough. It’ll never rise.

In this promotion, qualifying members get to roll five dice, and the total of the dice determines what you win. If the sum of your five dice equal five (a one on each of the dice) or 30 (a six on each of the dice), you get the ten grand. So, yeah, don’t hold your breath.

6. Video Poker Cha-Ching

Heck, yeah, we play video poker. It’s blog research, and sometimes it pays off. Thanks, Plaza! You know we’ll be back soon to get more.

Four deuces video poker
Drinks are on us! As long as you’re playing video poker. And make sure to tip your bartender.

The Plaza is one of our favorite places to stay downtown, and we’re pretty sure they’d be happy to have you. If you hit a video poker jackpot, our usual commission applies, naturally.