New Noodle House at California Casino Gets a Name, You Can Probably Guess It

A few weeks ago, Pasta Pirate restaurant closed at the California casino, downtown. We were the first to report it would be replaced by a noodle restaurant.

Now, there are signs revealing the name of the new restaurant, although you probably could’ve guessed it on your own. The new restaurant will be called the California Noodle House.

California Noodle House
Isn’t “Asian fusion” the reason nobody wants to visit Fukushima?

No opening date has been announced for California Noodle House, but things tend to move quickly in Las Vegas. (We’re not talking about you, SkyVue Ferris wheel.)

A noodle restaurant should be a good fit for the California (a contributor to Fremont Street Experience, where we work as a day job), as much of its clientele is from Hawaii. Along with this blog, of course, as we frequently crave the best ice cream in Las Vegas. More news to come, noodlewise.