Station Casinos’ Pandemic Labor Practices Chastised in Labor Board Regional Complaint

Posted on: April 19, 2021, 12:20h. 

Last updated on: April 20, 2021, 12:09h.

A National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) regional complaint has sided with unions regarding Station Casinos’ actions toward its workers during the coronavirus pandemic. But parent company Red Rock Resorts has rejected the NLRB allegations.

Red Rock Resorts called the regional complaint “biased and unfair"
Geoconda Arguello-Kline, secretary-treasurer of the Culinary Union, shown here. The union has warned Station Casinos about future actions after a regional National Labor Relations Board complaint critical of the company. (Image: Jeff Scheid/The Nevada Independent)

The NLRB regional complaint claims Station Casinos and affiliated hotels undermined union representatives during employee layoffs during the pandemic, according to a statement by the NLRB.

During and after the mandated multi-month closure last year of Nevada gaming properties, Station Casinos allegedly failed to bargain with unions. During that period, the company laid off or terminated employees, implemented new health and safety guidelines, and recalled or rehired employees.

Station Casinos allegedly implemented these actions in a selective and discriminatory manner that was calculated to dilute union support among their employees,” the statement said.

The regional ruling comes during a long-standing dispute between the Culinary Union and Station Casinos. The union has repeatedly claimed the company refuses to negotiate with its representatives.

In the regional complaint, the NLRB further claims Station Casinos suggested to employees their “unions had been negligent in representing them during the COVID-19 pandemic.” But in reality, Station Casinos “unlawfully failed to give the unions timely notice of their unilateral actions and unlawfully failed and refused to bargain about them,” the statement said.

Also, Station Casinos allegedly committed unfair labor practices including the withdrawal of recognition of the collective-bargaining representative of food and beverage and hotel operations employees at Boulder Station Hotel & Casino and Palace Station Hotel & Casino, the statement said. It was based on anti-union petitions that Station Casinos encouraged employees to circulate and sign, the statement adds.

Station Casinos needs to recognize and bargain with unions, the NLRB said. The company also must rescind “unilateral and discriminatory conduct” and publicize a notice to employees to explain their rights.

Also, the NLRB initiated contempt proceedings in federal cases involving slot technicians employed by Station Casinos. A hearing on the complaint will be held before an administrative law judge. ‘

The NLRB will decide the cases after the judge’s decision.

Culinary Union Warns Company

The recent NLRB regional ruling prompted a stern warning from the Las Vegas-based Culinary Union.

“If the company refuses to negotiate, they will face much more severe legal consequences,” Culinary Union spokeswoman Bethany Khan told last week.

Station Casinos had a shameful scheme to use the COVID-19 pandemic to rid the casino of union leaders and union support in the workplace,” Khan told

“The NLRB complaint is massive and unprecedented,” Khan said. “Because of the outrageous behavior of Station Casinos, the NLRB remedy is for the company to negotiate with the Culinary Union for all 10 hotel and casinos in Las Vegas, and we look forward to that.”

Employees at several Station Casinos properties have voted for the Culinary Union to represent their interests. But last year, employees at Boulder Station and Palace Station participated in a de-unionization petition. The Culinary Union says the workers voted to unionize and are still in negotiations for their first union contract. reached out to Station Casinos for comment. There was no immediate response.

Complaint Is Biased, Unfair, Red Rock Responds

In a statement to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Red Rock Resorts, Station Casinos’ parent company, called the regional complaint “biased and unfair.

“Over the course of a decade, the Company has been under attack by the Culinary Union and has learned that they are willing to say and do anything in an attempt to force our Team Members into their union,” Red Rock Resorts added in the statement. “Now, with a willing accomplice in the NLRB Regional Director, the union is attempting to strip our Team Members of their democratic right to choose whether they want union representation or not.”

“They are mischaracterizing all the great things we have done for our Team Members as a negative, because, as they claim, ‘it undermines the union.’”