San Antonio Illegal Gambling Operation is Site of Texas Fatal Shooting

Posted on: January 27, 2023, 10:50h. 

Last updated on: January 27, 2023, 02:51h.

A man was shot and killed Thursday night inside a San Antonio, Texas, home. The spot was apparently used for illicit gambling. The shooter remains on the lam.

EMTs and police tried to save a man shot outside of a residence in San Antonio
EMTs and police tried to save a man shot outside of a residence in San Antonio, Texas. But the victim died. Inside the house were illegal gaming machines. (Image:

Three people fled in a Volkswagen Jetta following the violent attack. San Antonio police continued to look for two of the suspects, including the shooter, as of early Friday. The car’s driver was apprehended.

The shooting apparently started as a dispute and fight involving several people. Police also detained several individuals at the house. EMTs treated the victim at the crime scene, but he passed away. He was not identified in initial police reports.

The victim was wounded in the head and stomach. He died at the crime scene, located on the city’s southwest side. He was described as being in his 30s.

Police also located several eight-liner machines inside the residence.

Similar machines have been found in recent gaming raids in San Antonio and elsewhere in Bexar County. An eight-liner resembles a slot machine. Depending on the type, a player “wins” if a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row of objects lines up.

Gambling Raids

In October, two dozen people were detained, and some 70 gaming machines were confiscated after two raids in San Antonio.

Weapons were located at both sites as well. Apprehended suspects included “armed personnel” at both locations, authorities said. They were apparently there to stand guard. Some suspected illegal drugs were spotted too, and deputies searched for more narcotics.

Both raids took place on the city’s west side. At least one of the gaming operations was located behind a locked gate. The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team had to ram through the gate to gain entry to the site.

In May, more than $15K and an estimated 100 eight-liner gaming machines were commandeered by sheriff’s deputies during a raid on the city’s south side. At least two weapons were seized during the May raid, along with bags containing cash. One bag held about $15K. Some of the money was stored in an on-site ATM and safe.