Resorts World Las Vegas Gambler Has Felony Charges Dropped, But Banned from Casino

Posted on: May 5, 2022, 06:40h. 

Last updated on: May 5, 2022, 02:02h.

Robert “RJ” Cipriani, a frequent guest at Resorts World Las Vegas who is a self-proclaimed professional gambler and uses the moniker “Robinhood 702” online, got off easy yesterday. Justice of the Peace Suzan Baucum allowed a plea deal to proceed in Las Vegas Justice Court.

Resorts World Las Vegas Robert Cipriani crime
Robert Cipriani avoided possible prison time this week in a Las Vegas courtroom stemming from a November incident at Resorts World Las Vegas. The professional gambler has been ordered to stay away from the Strip casino for the next 12 months. (Image: Twitter)

Cipriani was facing felony robbery and larceny charges stemming from an incident that occurred on November 19, 2021, at the north Strip casino. Clark County prosecutors alleged that Cipriani stole a cellphone from Robert Alexander, another professional gambler, and then threatened him and his son.

Cipriani, who has a history of snitching to law enforcement in legal qualms in order to save himself, tipped off the FBI that he saw Alexander gambling inside Resorts World. Alexander is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty in 2020 to one count each of wire fraud and securities fraud in relation to his running of a bogus online gaming company that conned investors.

Las Vegas law enforcement officials are quite familiar with Cipriani and his checkered past, which dates back to at least 2011. Despite being the one who tipped off police regarding Alexander’s presence inside Resorts World, Clark County prosecutors charged Cipriani with robbery and larceny charges for his alleged actions with Alexander.

Guilty Plea Accepted

Baucum yesterday allowed Cipriani to plead guilty to a lesser charge of misdemeanor disorderly conduct in relation to a separate gambling incident at RW in which law enforcement alleged he improperly changed a blackjack bet. In exchange, Clark County dropped the felony larceny and robbery charges, which could have put him behind bars for more than a decade.

“Mr. Cipriani, I hope that you’ve learned from this proceeding that you need to abide with orders of the court,” Baucum said.

Baucum ordered Cipriani to stay away from Resorts World for a minimum of one year. On social media, he must refrain from writing “harassing, intimidating, threatening, disparaging, and negative” posts regarding the $4.3 billion casino.

It is a compromise that involves both the merits of the case and the desire by everyone to just calm everything down” said Cipriani’s attorney Robert Langford. “Nobody wanted to go further with this case. It’s a good compromise and I appreciate the District Attorney’s Office’s willingness to negotiate this case the way they did.”

Clark County had no comment on the plea deal.

Ongoing RW Case

Robert Cipriani might have escaped prison time this week, but Resorts World Las Vegas is still dealing with the consequences of allowing him access to the property in recent months.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) is probing the ownership of Tacos El Cabrón on the RW Las Vegas property. Along with telling authorities that Alexander was given access to Resorts World, Cipriani tipped off the county of his claim that the taco joint is partially owned by David Stroj, a convicted felon whose past includes illegal bookmaking.

Cipriani isn’t the only one who has brought such allegations against Stroj. Another RW regular — Brandon Sattler — also a high-stakes gambler whose past includes run-ins with the law, told law enforcement that Stroj indeed has skin in the taco business.

Nevada gaming law requires anyone with a 5% or more ownership position in a business located on a casino resort’s premises to become licensed by the NGCB. Stroj contends that he does not meet the licensing criteria and that his father, Peter Stroj, fully owns Tacos El Cabrón.

Resorts World says it is cooperating with the NGCB review. If the younger Stroj indeed has a 5% or more position in the eatery, the casino claims the business failed to disclose the interest.