Placing Sports Bets from Your Car Could Be Just a Voice Command Away

Posted on: April 25, 2022, 10:33h. 

Last updated on: April 25, 2022, 06:05h.

As sports betting continues to evolve, being able to place a wager anytime and anywhere becomes more important. Simplebet is helping take the concept to a new level, and placing wagers while driving could soon be a reality.

SimpleBet co-founder and CEO Chris Bevilacqua
SimpleBet cofounder and CEO Chris Bevilacqua speaks last month at the SPORTEL Rendez-vous in Miami. The betting tech company is bringing a new sports betting option to consumers. (Image: SimpleBet)

Online sportsbooks give bettors the ability to enjoy their pastime virtually anywhere. However, there are some limitations. Because restrictions exist in so many places that prevent the use of a mobile device while driving, placing bets while behind the wheel is problematic.

That is going to change soon, though. Simplebet, a sports betting technology provider, is teaming up with other companies on a novel solution. Before the end of this year, placing voice-activated sports bets while on the road will be a viable option.

Sports Betting Hits the Road

SimpleBet is partnering with Radioline, a radio and podcast solutions company, and connected vehicle platform provider ConnectedTravel for the project. The concept just made an appearance at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Show in Las Vegas, which began on Saturday and continues through Wednesday.

While listening to play-by-play action, bettors can jump in on the action. SmartRadio, as it’s currently called, is already in the testing phase and allows bettors to place bets using voice commands, even when driving. Telling your car to “bet $50 on the Knicks moneyline tonight” will soon be a real thing.

The integration of emerging technologies like Voice, Payments and eCommerce in vehicles, unlocks drive time, empowering drivers to instantly and safely interact with audio programming. Drivers can play with and buy what they hear, and engage at the moments they are most inspired,” states ConnectedTravel CEO Bryan Biniak.

SmartRadio works with the Android Automotive system created by Google. It allows anyone in the vehicle to interact with real-time radio programming, including sports contests.

Integration Already Underway

Radioline is already beginning to add SmartRadio to its applications, including Android Automotive, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay. The company’s apps support over 110,000 radio streams and podcasts from more than 160 countries around the world and in 18 languages.

This is just the beginning. The SmartRadio-enabled application will be part of more than 100 million Android Automotive vehicles, according to Radioline Chief Operating Officer Xavier Filliol. Eventually, it will be part of GM, Ford, Honda, and Nissan vehicles and others.

SmartRadio is only a small part of what Radioline can provide. Consumers can synchronize their content across multiple devices and easily create playlists.

The app also allows users to set the playback speed and download podcast episodes. This can be very useful when getting the inside scoop with sports betting podcasts like Beating the Book and Against All Odds.