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Sri Lanka Casinos Cause Controversy as Area Draws More Gamblers

Sri Lanka is hoping that the addition of larger casinos to their burgeoning gambling industry could help make them a new hot spot for gamblers in the region. However, there’s plenty of opposition to the plan – and not just from religious leaders who oppose gambling on moral grounds. Sri Lanka has long had small…Read More

South Korean Soldiers Gambling Online Sees Sharp Increase

It may seem like somewhat of a stereotype to insist that those from Asia like to gamble, but recent statistics released indicate that this is one stereotype that rings true, especially when looking at soldiers from the South Korean army. Huge Online Gambling Spike A report by the Korean Yonhap news agency explained that 230…Read More

Illegal Russian Casinos Just Part of the Gaming Picture

The old coal mining adage that “I owe my soul to the company store” has taken on bizarre meaning with the recent discovery of an underground immigrant slave garment manufacturing “village” in Moscow, replete with an equally illegal casino.  The underground town – which held 200 Asian workers held captive against their will – was…Read More

Citing Money Laundering, Feds Still Trying to Regulate Online Gambling

Feds continue to scramble to create a national regulatory framework for online gambling, despite the fact that Nevada, New Jersey (and soon, several more states) are already in full throttle Internet gambling mode on their own. Even law enforcement seems to realize it’s a rather belated effort, as noted by Chuck Canterbury, who heads up…Read More

Pregnant Woman Misses Out on Share of £28 Million Jackpot

A British woman in a Merseyside office lottery syndicate has missed out on her share of a £28 million (more than $42 million) Euromillions win after taking the day off sick and is now seeking court action to get her hands on what she believes is her share of the winnings. Morning Sickness Kept Her…Read More