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Las Vegas Cabbie Returns Huge Cash Stash to Anonymous Poker Pro

Las Vegas cab driver

UPDATE: December 27, 2013: Although they usually say that no good deed goes unpunished, for once, someone who did the right thing has actually gotten rewarded for it: cab driver Gerardo Gamboa had a little merrier Christmas after receiving a $10,000 reward from the mystery poker player to whom the $300,000 in cash belonged, as…Read More

MGM Clears Springfield Massachusetts Suitability Check

MGM Springfield

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission must be filled with warm-heartedness this holiday season; just a few days after giving Steve Wynn their papal blessing with a suitability thumbs up for his planned Everett casino project in eastern Massachusetts, they have now done the same for MGM Resorts International and its prospective Springfield casino in the western…Read More

Wynn Recommends Changes to Massachusetts Gaming Laws

Steve Wynn Massachusetts Gaming Law

Steve Wynn still has a fight on his hands when it comes to getting a casino license for his proposed casino in Massachusetts, but that hasn’t stopped him from commenting on what the state should do with its current gaming laws. Wynn has suggested several changes to the state’s gaming regulations, including one that would…Read More

Las Vegas Casinos Use Holiday Attractions to Boost December Numbers

Las Vegas Christmas Bellagio

Las Vegas isn’t exactly the traditional winter wonderland that most people dream of when Christmas rolls around. And despite trying to rebrand itself as a family-friendly destination, the current marketing trends in Vegas are once again back to portraying the city as a hip, exciting destination for young gamblers. But that isn’t stopping casinos from…Read More

Paddy Power Backs Dennis Rodman Trips to North Korea

Dennis Rodman Paddy Power Kim Jong-Un

Dennis Rodman is back in North Korea, again. Yes, it’s the same old story: an odd former NBA star heading to a rogue nation led by a strange man who Rodman calls his friend. It’s a match so bizarre that it almost makes perfect sense. Hooping It Up in North Korea Rodman has made a handful…Read More