MGM Grand Hotel Slashing Leads to Woman’s Bloody Death, Ex-Husband Contemplates Suicide

Posted on: May 31, 2023, 02:31h. 

Last updated on: May 31, 2023, 03:16h.

A man is in custody this week after allegedly murdering his former wife during a sex-filled weekend in a room at Las Vegas’s MGM Grand Hotel.

MGM Grand hotel
The MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, pictured above. A man allegedly murdered his ex-wife at the property before injuring himself. (Image: YouTube)

The suspect, Fernando Gomez, 42, of Texas, allegedly thrust a piece of glass into Nydia Lopez-Garcia’s neck as she laughed. He later repeatedly cut himself with the same glass, according to his account.

Gomez called police at 1:33 p.m. on Sunday to report that he “had nothing to hide” and confessed to the 37-year-old woman’s death, Las Vegas TV station KLAS reported on Tuesday.

Gomez also revealed to police he was considering suicide by jumping off the MGM Grand building.

Officers responded to his hotel room where they spotted Lopez-Garcia on the floor. She was unclothed and found to be dead.

The two had been staying at the hotel on Friday and Saturday. The couple “had a good time together” in the room, Gomez later told police. Lopez-Garcia told Gomez she wanted to stay another night, so he extended their stay into Sunday.

Just Kill Each Other

The two went back up to the room after making the reservation and began having sex. Then, Lopez-Garcia said the couple should “just kill each other and leave everything to their children,” Gomez later claimed to police, KLAS reported.

Lopez-Garcia smashed a bottle on the floor and placed a piece of glass to her throat, police said. She ordered Gomez to “do it” and “not be an [expletive],” Gomez told police. Gomez then allegedly took the broken glass and inserted it into her neck. She laughed as it went into her skin, he claimed.

Gomez then took the bloody glass from her body and cut his own neck and arms, he told police. He passed out and upon waking up, took a shower. Then, he called a friend to whom he confessed killing his ex-wife.

He asked the friend to cash his final paycheck and give the money to Lopez-Garcia’s father because he wanted the cash to go to their children. He also said he was thinking about suicide. The friend talked Gomez out of ending his life.

After police arrived, Gomez was transported to University Medical Center for treatment.

On Sunday, he was booked at the Clark County Detention Center. He remained in custody as of Wednesday.

14 Years of Marriage

As police investigated the incident, they discovered the couple was married for 14 years before divorcing in 2022.

Despite the breakup, Lopez-Garcia and Gomez sometimes met each other for “occasional sex” he told police, KLAS reported.

Last month, Gomez asked Lopez-Garcia to go with him to Las Vegas. She agreed and they checked into the MGM Grand.

The couple had two children together and he was the stepfather to the woman’s older son, according to KLAS. The children also traveled to Las Vegas and stayed at the Mandalay Bay hotel, where Gomez secretly booked a room just for them.

Mother Lied to Children

Lopez-Garcia had lied to the children saying she was to meet a man named “Sam” at the MGM Grand. She reportedly didn’t want the children to know she was seeing Gomez again.

After the murder, police located the three children at the Mandalay Bay. They were placed under the supervision of Nevada Child Protective Services.