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A divorce decree with wedding bands

Married Female Lottery Winners More Prone to Seek Divorce, Study Suggests

Hitting it big in a lottery is a dream shared by millions of people around the world. They think it will lead to a...

Erik Gibbs March 27, 2023
A display for the Irish Lottery greets consumers in a store

Irish Lottery for Sale in Surprise Move by Current Operator

When the UK prepared to issue a new concession to run the National Lottery, many people were confident that the incumbent, the Camelot Group,...

Erik Gibbs March 21, 2023
Powerball California Lottery $2.04 billion jackpot

$2B Powerball Winner Identity Revealed, California Man Skips Lottery Celebration

November's $2.04 billion Powerball winner has come forward and revealed his name, but the lucky man who claimed the all-time richest lottery jackpot in...

Devin O'Connor February 15, 2023