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Jose Rivera, Edwin Castro, Powerball

$2B Powerball ‘Pretender’ Will ‘Go to War’ for Winning Ticket

A California man who claims to be the rightful owner of the world’s biggest lottery jackpot has vowed to continue his fight for the...

Philip Conneller December 4, 2023
Richard Desmond (right) with former British PM Boris Johnson

Failed UK Lottery Bidder Continues to Fight the UK Gambling Commission

Billionaire media magnate Richard Desmond remains undeterred in his battle against the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) over his failed attempt at the National Lottery...

Erik Gibbs December 4, 2023
lottery winners food stamp SNAP program

Think Tank Finds 66K Lottery Winners Remain on Food Stamps After Winning Big

A public policy think tank has found that 66,000 substantial lottery winners remain on food subsidies in the U.S. That's despite claiming prizes that...

Devin O'Connor October 22, 2023