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National Lottery Set For Life winners

UK Couple Wins Lifetime Lottery Payout, but Split Leaves One Empty-Handed

Kirk Stevens thought he had it all – good luck in love and in life. He and his girlfriend, Laura Hoyle, won a windfall...

Erik Gibbs August 26, 2022 Faces Investor Lawsuit in ‘Deceitful’ Accounting Scandal

Stricken lottery sales platform is facing a proposed federal class-action lawsuit from disgruntled shareholders. They claim they were misled by the company’s top...

Philip Conneller August 23, 2022
El Salvador president Nayib Bukele

El Salvador Turns to Canada for New Digital Lottery Products

El Salvador is looking to become the first to recognize bitcoin as legal tender in a new digital lottery agreement. To do so, it...

Erik Gibbs August 2, 2022