Floyd Mayweather Flaunts Sports Betting Streak, Green Bay Packers Ride Ends

Posted on: January 23, 2017, 06:00h. 

Last updated on: January 23, 2017, 07:24h.

Floyd Mayweather isn’t known for being humble, and considering his all-time 49-0 boxing record, perhaps that’s warranted.

Floyd Mayweather sports betting streak
Perhaps the best boxer to ever step foot in the ring, Floyd Mayweather is also a prolific sports bettor who is currently on a hot streak. (Image: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Affectionately known as “Pretty Boy” and “Money,” the boxing GOAT (greatest of all time) is spending his hard-earned retirement fortune by placing some not-so-casual sports bets. A lifelong gambler who calls the Las Vegas Valley home, Mayweather recently took to Twitter to flaunt a solid recent string of bets.

On Sunday, Mayweather told his more than seven million followers that the Atlanta Falcons win over the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship netted him a cool $25,000. Floyd wagered $30,000 that Atlanta would cover the game’s entire 3.5-point spread in the first half.

At halftime, the Falcons were leading 24-0, giving Mayweather another victory. “Just made $25,000 in 30 minutes. The retired life,” he tweeted, referencing the length of an NFL game half.

Four in a Row, Maybe

Mayweather followed up his Falcons bet by revealing three other previous wins.

He posted a screenshot showing a $100,000 bet placed on the men’s Cincinnati college basketball team to cover a 16.5-point spread over Tulane. The Bearcats won 78-61, narrowly covering the line and handing Mayweather $90,909.09.

“On Saturday, 1/21/17, I made $90,000 in 40 minutes,” Mayweather revealed, disregarding $900, a sum that is likely negligible in his eyes.

Floyd showed that he put $50,000 on the Golden State Warriors to cover a 5.5-point spread against the Houston Rockets on Friday, January 20. His team won 125-108, and Mayweather won $45,454.

Finally, on Thursday, Money put $100,000 on Gonzaga giving eight points to Santa Clara. They won easily 88-57, handing Mayweather $86,956.

Though Pretty Boy is showing his massive wins, it’s unclear if he also incurred losses. Mayweather is known for placing a multitude of bets.

“I’m one of the biggest sportsbook bettors in Las Vegas,” Mayweather told ESPN recently.

While sports betting is legal in Nevada, Floyd said his favorite places to wager money on sports is Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Apparently unbeknownst to Mayweather, gambling on sports is illegal in New Jersey.

There is speculation that Mayweather might come out of retirement for a shot at winning his 50th fight.

UFC champ Conor McGregor wants a shot at Floyd, but if the fight happens, oddsmakers are heavily favoring the GOAT. Bovada lists Mayweather at -1600 to McGregor at +800.

Packers Pack Bet

Entering the NFC Championship against the Falcons, the Green Bay Packers had won eight in a row. That streak was much to the delight of two gamblers who wagered $300 before Thanksgiving on the team making the playoffs.

They rolled their winnings into a new bet for the Packers’ Wild Card game, and let it ride into the divisional round. Their $300 bet was worth nearly $30,000 heading into the NFC Championship.

And yes, they let it all ride on the Packers beating Atlanta. The duo would have been looking at over $76,000 with a Green Bay win, and they had no plans of cashing out.

Should the Packers have beat the Falcons and gone on to win the Super Bowl, the $300 bet would have ended up being worth between $150,000 and $200,000 depending on the odds.

But following Green Bay’s 44-21 loss in Atlanta, it’s now worth nothing.