Instagram King Dan Bilzerian Gets Slapped with Azerbaijan Weapons Charges After Firing Bazooka to Celebrate Armenian Citizenship

Posted on: September 5, 2018, 11:30h. 

Last updated on: September 5, 2018, 11:31h.

Say what you want about Dan Bilzerian, whose love of firearms and hot babes are neck-and-neck, but the guy can handle a lot of pain. And after firing a bazooka-style weapon in Azerbaijan with no ear protection, the 37-year-old may be deaf, but he’s also in a heap of trouble with authorities there.

Dan Bilzerian arrest warrant Instagram
Slap happy: Dan Bilzerian, known for his posses of bikini-clad babes, is a wanted men for firing a bazooka in Azerbaijan. (Image: Instagram/
Azerbaijan map
Balzerian is caught in a web of complex politics surrounding Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan — a country at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia that borders Iran, Armenia, Georgia, and Russia — has now issued a warrant for Bilzerian’s arrest.

According to PEOPLE magazine, the country’s investigative forces have launched a criminal case against the playboy after he allegedly purchased grenades and firearms in Nagorno-Karabakh, a region nestled inside the South Caucuses, which includes Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

Bilzerian was overseas recently to obtain citizenship in Armenia, which represents part of his cultural lineage. Soon after receiving naturalization and agreeing to military service as required, the social media star traveled to Nagorno-Karabakh, purchased weapons, and was then photographed firing the devices in Armenia.

Nagorno-Karabakh is generally recognized as being inside Azerbiajan, although it remains disputed territory.

On Instagram, Bilzerian — whose motto has to be “pix or it didn’t happen — shared a photo of himself shooting heavy machine guns and a bazooka with the caption, “First day as Armenian citizen.”

Bilzerian Fires Back

Armenia and Azerbaijan have no diplomatic relations, predominantly due to an ongoing conflict surrounding Nagorno- Karabakh.

The territorial and ethnic dispute over the region dates back to 1988, when Armenia demanded Karabakh be transferred from Soviet Azerbaijan to Soviet Armenia. Tensions escalated, and a full-scale war broke out. A cease-fire between the two sides reached in 1994 established stability for the region, but the area remains a disputed territory nonetheless.

Bilzerian, famous for never mincing words regardless of the consequences, responded to the arrest warrant by calling the neighboring country “inbred goat f***ing Azerbaijani officials.”

Azerbaijan has now requested that Interpol — the multinational organization that facilitates international police cooperation — go and haul Bilzerian in. But it appears Armenia is backing its newest citizen, as the country has also contacted Interpol and requested it dismiss Azerbaijan’s charges, claiming they were politically motivated and nothing else.

Wealth-Made Man

Bilzerian is a heavily followed social media celebrity and high-stakes poker player who inherited an unknown number of millions from his father Paul, a corporate raider who was convicted of violating securities and tax laws in the 1980s.

The self-anointed “King of Instagram” then took his trust fund to Las Vegas’ high-roller poker rooms. In 2009, he finished in 180th place in the World Series of Poker, winning $36,626. He claims to have won millions playing the card game, though the 2009 result is his only reported win on The Hendon Mob poker database,which only reports tournament cashes, not cash games.

In 2014, Bilzerian was sued by porn actress Janice Griffith when he threw her off a roof for a Hustler shoot. She landed short of the pool and broke her foot.

The following year, he filmed an uninspired public service announcement for the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) as part of a plea bargain settlement reached with the federal agency after he was found with bomb-making equipment at Los Angeles International airport.

Then in June 2015, Bilzerian announced his candidacy for US president, though his campaign was simply a circuit of party events featuring DJs, an abundance of booze, and scantily-clad women. Bilzerian later endorsed Donald Trump, and the two met inside Trump International in Las Vegas for a photo op, which, of course, was shared on Instagram.

Bilzerian splits his time between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and, apparently, now also Armenia and its environs. Although he may be lying low until the controversy — and the charges against him — are resolved.