Key Information Left Out of OJ Simpson Parole Hearing Spurs Gloria Allred to Push for Change to Nevada Law

Posted on: September 26, 2017, 06:00h. 

Last updated on: September 26, 2017, 02:01h.

Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred is seeing red over OJ Simpson’s imminent release from a Nevada prison, and she’s put in motion legislation to see to it that the state’s laws change going forward as a result.

OJ Simpson odds parole board law
Don’t think OJ Simpson is ready for life in the general public? You can put money on his return to prison. (Image: Lovelock Correctional Center)

OJ Simpson could be released from Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center as early as this Sunday, October 1, but had this piece of newly introduced legislation been on the books prior to his parole hearing in July, the odds of the former NFL star seeing life beyond bars so soon could have been much longer.

The Juice has been in prison for the past nine years following his 2007 kidnapping and robbery conviction that took place at the off-Strip Palace Station Hotel and Casino. He was sentenced to nine-to- 33 years in prison in 2008, but became eligible for parole this year.

Online oddsmakers correctly predicted his release, but the line likely would have been more difficult to forecast had the Nevada Board of Parole been forced to consider Simpson’s history of domestic violence.

Under present law, the Board reviews the case that put the inmate behind bars, assesses prison behavior, and determines the candidate’s potential risk to the general public upon release. The panel does not, however, take into account the inmate’s entire legal history, and powerful civil rights attorney Allred wants to change that.

Following the Board’s unanimous decision for release, Allred reached out to Nevada Assemblywoman Lisa Krasner (R-Reno) to author a bill to change the process. On Tuesday, Krasner introduced legislation that requires the Board to consider an inmate’s entire history of domestic violence.

Simpson was convicted in 1989 of domestic violence against his then-wife Nicole Brown. Along with her friend Ron Goldman, Nicole was brutally stabbed to death in 1994, in what set off the “trial of the century.” Simpson was eventually acquitted of murder, but was later found liable in civil court for their wrongful deaths.

Odds Still Active

Sports betting site Bovada is hoping to further capitalize off OJ Simpson being back in the news.

In July, the online sportsbook asked if he would indeed be released, with “Yes” the favorite at -300. A $100 wager netted just $33.33. Bets on “No, +200” would have returned $200 for every $100 wagered.

The offshore site has plenty of confidence that OJ is indeed a changed man, and will stay out of trouble after his release.

“Will OJ Simpson violate his parole and be returned to a Nevada prison?” is currently at odds of Yes +325, and No the strong favorite at -550. The bookmaker implies Simpson has a nearly 85 percent chance of remaining free. A $100 wager on ‘No’ nets the bettor just $18.18.

Bovada’s line runs for one year following Simpson’s release.

Running Back Not Moving Yet

The Florida Department of Corrections revealed this week that it still hasn’t received a transfer request to take in Simpson upon his release. According to Simpson’s attorney Malcolm LaVergne, that’s an obligation that OJ must complete, not his law firm.

LaVergne, who uses the Twitter handle “SinCityAttorney,” said on the social media outlet, “When he advises me of a move, I’ll inform media.”

According to NBC News, Nevada inmates granted parole who plan to reside in a new state must work with a case worker to plan a supervised release. But interstate parole reviews can take as long as 45 days from receipt, meaning The Juice might have several weeks to bag his bags at Lovelock.