Confirmed EuroPartners Pull Out From Canada

Posted on: November 25, 2013, 10:12h. 

Last updated on: November 25, 2013, 10:25h.

EuroPartners leaves Canada
EuroPartners pulling out of Canada

BREAKING NEWS: EuroPartners has confirmed this morning that they will be pulling out of Canada with immediate effect in a move that will likely leave many online casino and poker players and affiliates scratching their heads.

While we broke the story that EuroPartners pulled out of Finland and the Netherlands on November 13, it could be that the company is now taking additional steps to protect itself from possible legal issues – although what those legal issues are have not yet been disclosed. While Canada was mentioned as a location that EuroPartners was going to pull out from on November 13, the company revised its position to continue trading in those territories.

However, it would seem that things have changed again, or that new developments have forced the company to revert back to its original plan. Why the company has chosen to take this course of action we are hoping to bring you in updates. EuroPartners connects over 70,000 affiliates with some of the largest online gambling sites, representing large names in the industry.

With these sites ceasing operating in Canada, players in that country are going to have their choices limited. However, EuroPartners have stated that all player balances are safe and secure, and that existing players can continue to play for 30 days. However, Canadian players will no longer be able to make any more deposits.

How long will EuroPartners remain out of Canada – one of the largest and most open online gaming jurisdictions? And what specific issues have caused the sudden pull out? We hope to bring you more answers in a news update.