Binion’s Casino Sees Ex-Pimp Allegedly Assault Las Vegas Prostitute

Posted on: March 22, 2023, 08:01h. 

Last updated on: March 23, 2023, 02:02h.

A prostitute’s former pimp recently assaulted the woman and tried to steal money from her at Las Vegas’ Binion’s Gambling Hall & Hotel, according to local police.

Las Vegas’ Binion's Gambling Hall & Hotel
Las Vegas’ Binion’s Gambling Hall & Hotel, pictured above. The casino was the location of a confrontation between an admitted prostitute and her former pimp, police said. (Image: TripAdvisor)

Kenneth George, 40, was arrested on Friday shortly after the violent incident at the Fremont Street casino, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported on Tuesday. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) officers charged him with suspicion of sex trafficking an adult, battery, and pandering.

Bail was set at $20K. George remains in custody as of Wednesday in the Clark County Detention Center.

The incident began when Geroge approached the unnamed woman on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. The woman allegedly worked as a prostitute in the area and previously worked for George.

Two weeks ago, George allegedly told the woman he would “knock her out” if she didn’t work for him again.

The woman later told an LVMPD officer that George was her “ex-pimp.” She said she last worked for him in 2019 and that, since then, George was “constantly harassing her on basically a monthly basis” to again work for him, according to the police report.

Binion’s Incident

Shortly after George approached the woman on the street, she walked into Binion’s, sat at a bar, and started chatting with a friend, according to the report.

George followed her into the gaming property. He approached her and demanded she work for him. He also wanted “a ride and some money,” police said.

I’ll knock you out. I know you’re scared of me,” George further threatened the woman, police added.

George then allegedly attempted to grab her purse to steal money she had made earlier that day from a “date.” The two struggled over the purse, and George slapped her in the face, police said.

George then attempted to leave the casino, but Binion’s security guards detained him. Security had been watching the incident on surveillance cameras and called the police.

Registered Sex Offender

George’s criminal background check revealed many arrests and convictions and several recent charges pending, including pandering, failure to obey sex offender laws, obtaining a credit card without the holder’s consent, resisting arrest, DUI, reckless driving, and driving with a revoked license, the Review-Journal reported.

George was also identified by the Review-Journal as a registered sex offender following a 2005 conviction for the sex trafficking of a 13-year-old girl, according to the newspaper. He was sentenced to 18 months and 12 months concurrently in state prison.

He also was sentenced to prison for at least a year in 2014 for larceny, according to the Review-Journal.

In total, George reportedly was arrested 28 times for felonies and misdemeanors since 2002. Many of these charges were dropped by the Clark County district attorney’s office, the Review-Journal reported.

According to court records cited by the paper, charges against George included first-degree kidnapping, child abuse/endangerment, violation of sexual registration laws, five counts of prohibited acts by a sex offender, and four counts of being a fugitive.