QUIZ: How Clued Up Are You On Brexit’s Biggest Lies?

QUIZ: How Clued Up Are You On Brexit’s Biggest Lies?

With Brexit the most hated buzzword of the last three years we wanted to take a look at the biggest lies fed to us by the likes of Boris Johnson. In true politician style, they sold us some tall tales and with all the mayhem that’s broken out since, it’s clear it was all a load of hot air.

Test your knowledge and see how much you know vs what we were told by trying out our quiz below. There are 10 questions – good luck!

  • In a dramatic moment, what did Boris Johnson assure us he’d rather do than ask for an extension?

    Image: Flickr/chathamhouse

    • Eat French mussels for the rest of his life
    • Move out of Number 10
    • Take public transport
    • Be dead in a ditch
  • How much did the Leave campaign promise to spend on the NHS?

    • £350 million
    • £1 billion
    • £90,000
    • £250 million
  • What was promised to us would be absolutely secure in case of Brexit?

    • Membership of the single market
    • Fresh fruit
    • Cheaper fuel
    • Free movement
  • “The day after we vote to leave, we hold all the cards and we can choose the path we want.” Which muppet politician made this bogus and bare-faced lie?

    Image: Getty

    • Michael Gove
    • Boris Johnson
    • Jeremy Corbyn
    • Jacob Rees Mogg
  • What did one national newspaper claim all cows would be forced to wear?

    • Hats
    • Nappies
    • Slippers
    • Saddles
  • Which country did the Leave Campaign use to scare voters into leaving the EU, claiming the UK government was trying to fastrack their membership?

    “We can’t stop…………..joining the EU and coming to Britain” & "……….. (population 76million) is joining the EU".

    Image: Getty

    • Switzerland
    • Georgia
    • Egypt
    • Turkey
  • What did Theresa May promise would never happen?

    Image: Flickr/EU2017EEEstonianPresidency

    • Further trespassing through fields of wheat
    • Safety for asylum seekers
    • Astrological lessons for all school children
    • A snap election
  • Which of the following phrases was told during the Brexit campaign, and is in fact a lie?

    • There may be some delays at Dover under a No-Deal Brexit.

    • We will maintain a free-flowing border at Dover. We will not impose checks in the port. The only reason we would have queues at the border is if we put in place restrictions that created those queues. We are not going to do that.

    • When we leave the EU, we can actually speed up the process at the Dover border as we won’t have all that unnecessary red-tape to deal with.

    • With fewer tariffs and policies weighing down on us, lorries will not be held up at the border, but we will be able to tackle illegal immigration more effectively.

    • First
    • Second
    • Third
    • Forth
  • How long did the Leave Campaign falsely claim the UK would have to wait before making trade deals with the rest of the world after Brexit?

    • Immediately
    • 2 weeks
    • 1 month
    • A year
  • The staunch Leave politicians have been clinging to the referendum being the will of the……?

    Image: London

    • Cows
    • People
    • Misshapen carrots
    • NHS workers

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So how did you fare?

Hopefully after doing this quiz you’ll be more clued up so next time you hear another politician telling a bare-faced lie, you can call them out!