8 Casino Life Hacks that will make you a Richer Player

Casino Floor (Image: Antoine Taveneaux / Wikimedia Commons)

Casinos are exciting places and guarantee a classy and memorable evening of adult fun.

However, they can also be very dangerous for your wallet if you don’t know how to protect your capital. In this article we list our top 8 casino life hacks that will make you a smarter and more confident gambler.

1 – Learn card counting and other blackjack strategies

Casinos frown upon it and discourage players from learning to count cards. However there’s nothing illegal about it and the worst that can happen is being asked to leave the blackjack table if the casino suspects you’re doing it. Many people have reliably won large amounts of money using card counting systems like Hi-Low and Omega II. There are also plenty of other systems developed by pros that will increase your chances of winning when learned correctly.

Craps (Image: sidespin.kinja.com)

2 – Throw dice at craps using an underhand motion

Craps is the only game where the casino trusts the player to handle the dice. This can be used to your advantage by learning to throw the dice using a specific motion developed by Dominic “The Dominator” LoRiggio. He says that players should aim to avoid rolling a seven and that they can achieve this by holding the dice in such a manner that no two sides add up to a seven. The dice are then thrown using an underhand motion, which makes them land flat on the table and stops them from rolling about.

3 – Take advantage of dealer error

As human beings, dealers are prone to the same distractions and errors of judgement that casinos try to force on their customers. This comes particularly useful in games like blackjack, where the dealer has to mentally calculate whether they should draw another card or stand. Players have tried many ways to confuse dealers and cause them to make mistakes, including: talking loudly, putting on an intimidating look, flirting, and showing a generous amount of skin.

4 – Stalk the slot machines to see which ones are about to pay big

Slot stalks wander about the casino taking note of how well or how badly slot players are doing. When they find a game that hasn’t paid in quite a while, they pounce on it and start working the machine as soon as the previous player leaves. This strategy stems from the belief in payout cycles, whereby slot games alternate between periods of returning losing combinations and winning ones. The most popular slot games among stalkers have standalone progressive jackpots which will often payout those jackpots once they have reached certain limits.

5 – Take full advantage of casino offers

You should also take advantage of comps and other freebies in land-based casinos. If they have a player’s card, then make sure to sign up for one. The same applies for online casinos, where players are offered several weekly bonuses and other promotions. These offers increase the amount of risk capital you have available for free, thus you can play for longer and improve your chances of hitting the jackpot.

6 – Don’t play Keno

Keno offers the worst deal for players. In some casinos, the house enjoys a 35% edge and it is virtually impossible to match all twenty numbers on a 20-spot ticket. Unless you really enjoy the company of other Keno players and the social atmosphere in the lounge, you’re better off spending your money elsewhere.

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games (Image: gambling-systems.com)

7 – Get free training online

It might sound like common sense, but many new players sadly ignore it: always make sure you know the rules of the game you’re playing. Thankfully, you can play and study all kinds of casino games risk-free thanks to online free play versions of real-money games. These websites can become your training ground and laboratory, as you experiment with various betting strategies and generally become more familiar with the game before you bet real money.

8 – Ruthlessly track the time and money you spend at the casino

Have you ever notices that casinos don’t have clocks anywhere? This sneaky tactic is used to make players lose track of time and trick them into playing for longer periods of time. The use of flashing lights, sounds, attractive waiters and dealers, and complimentary drinks are also part of the casinos’ strategy to disorient players.

It’s imperative that you check the time regularly, possibly even set yourself a reminder to let you know when it’s time to leave. The same goes with money, where you should keep track of your wins and losses and have a set limit of how much money you’re prepared to lose and when you’ve won enough. Remember to take regular breaks, possibly in a quiet area like the bathrooms where you can re-focus, and avoid drinking more booze than you can handle.

With these eight tips you’re already far ahead of the vast majority players who don’t give a second thought about practical strategies they could use to win more money and cut down their losses. Now you’re prepared to step into the casino and stroll down the lobby in your tux or evening dress with the confidence of a real gambling pro.