Riviera Demolition Imagery Will Make You Feel Things

Demolition of the Riviera casino is progressing at a startling pace, and we’ve got the latest pics and video to prove it.

Riviera Las Vegas demolition
If all we are is dust in the wind, the Riviera is quickly becoming us.

Work crews are tearing down a number of buildings simultaneously, cleaning up the rubble as they go.

Here’s a video of the Riviera demolition that your children’s children will play for their children to show them how Las Vegas hotels were taken down before the invention of Death Stars. Or something.

The speed and efficiency of the work being done is truly impressive. Props to W.A. Richardson Builders LLC, whomever that might actually be.

The company is responsible for demolishing about a dozen low-rise structures on the Riviera site, in preparation for implosions of the hotel’s two main towers. Implosions of those towers are expected in June and August.

Riviera demolition
Cranes and dozers and asbestos abatement, oh, my.

Recently flattened structures include the Riviera’s convention center and parking garage.

Even the Riviera’s once-flashy facade is being dismantled.

Riviera demolition
The Riviera’s facade is currently advertising the entire list of magician Jan Rouven’s legal defenses.

The Riviera site is scheduled to be part of a Las Vegas Convention Center expansion. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Riviera neon
Yes, they’re tossing lots of vintage Vegas neon. This is the point where we turn into a blubbering idiot. Although, admittedly, that really only involves the addition of blubbering.

Take a look at our previous Riviera demolition coverage if your tear ducts can take it.

Yes, the closure and demolition of The Riv is progress, but it’s also a loss of Las Vegas culture and history. Riviera opened on April 20, 1955.

We’re going to need a minute.

Riviera Demolition Update: May 18, 2016