Resorts World and M Resort Announce Holiday Experiences

First and foremost, it’s far too early to be talking about the holidays. We are one of those people who breaks out the flamethrower when places play Christmas music before Thanksgiving.

Secondarily, it’s a really slow news day, so we are going to talk about the holidays!

Specifically, two Las Vegas resorts have announced special holiday experiences, so let’s dive right into some hall decking, already.

Resorts World will host “Enchant On The Strip,” billed as “the world’s largest Christmas light maze and village.”

There’s a good chance this attraction is going to put somebody’s eye out.

“Enchant” runs from Nov. 19 to Jan. 1, and is presented by the Hallmark Channel.

Here’s how the attraction is described by Resorts World: “Experience a world of adventure with awe-inspiring animated light sculptures, Enchant’s charming Village offering ice-skating, live entertainment, interactive games, dining, holiday shopping, Santa and Mrs. Claus and so much more.”

Resorts World spent some bucks on a video teaser (there are zero details about the attraction itself) promoting “Enchant on The Strip.”

Resorts World is the newest casino resort on the Las Vegas Strip, so if you haven’t visited and you’re a Christmas person, this will be a great excuse to check the place out.

Apparently, cookies will be served.

Learn more about Enchant On The Strip at the official Web site.

Next up, M Resort shared it will host a Snow Carnival Holiday Forest, a name that sounds like a bunch of holiday things were thrown into a blender, but let’s stay focused on the fun part, the snow.

This winter-themed attraction will boast 350 tons of real snow.

The good thing about this rendering is it’s not creepy. At all.

Here’s what the news release says, “A gentle flurry of snowflakes will greet visitors as they are welcomed into a world of more than 350 tons of real snow both falling from above and coating the ground in an inviting blanket.”

What’s not to love about an “inviting blanket”? They are easily the best kind of blankets.

Here’s M Resorts’ promotional video, full of stock footage of people frolicking.

About 50 tons of fresh snow will be added to the attraction each day. Given the public freak-out about the ongoing drought, if this were a water-based attraction, everyone would be losing their minds. Snow? We’re good!

More eyes put out, mark our words.

The attraction will have a “Mini Matterhorn” snow slide, a candy cane forest and “snow play area.” Which is a wild coincidence, because “Mini Matterhorn” just happens to be our nickname for, well, let’s just say it’s a wild coincidence.

There will, of course, be revenue-generating opportunities in the form of “wintery eats, treats and drinks to pair with the season’s excitement.”

The attraction will run from Nov. 23, 2022 through Jan. 8, 2023.

Tickets will be available soon, so bookmark the official Snow Carnival Holiday Forest Web site.

The biggest downside to these family-friendly seasonal attractions is that they’re family-friendly and with families there are often children involved. It’s common knowledge children ruin everything. But have at it, families.

Good for these resorts for partnering up to monetize their various spaces.

Possibly the best aspect of these holiday announcements is we won’t have to think about Christmas again until roughly Dec. 24. You know, like most dudes.