Nevada Ranks Among Country’s Best Places for Quickies

It’s about time somebody confirmed what we’ve always known: Nevada is among the best places in the country for a quickie.

At least that’s how we’re interpreting new data revealing the longest (and shortest) sex in America, broken down by state.

Sex in America
It appears many of the sexual encounters in Nevada take less time than it did to read this sentence. In a good way!

Nevada ranks sixth in the nation for the shortest sex duration, or 46th if you rank from longest duration to shortest, but who would ever want to do that? See the full list.

This distinction is yet another jewel in Nevada’s crown, and yet another reason to visit Las Vegas, especially for those seeking brief encounters without all the burdens of “exerting effort” or “pleasing the other person.”

The sex duration information was published by the makers of the Spreadsheets App, an app that uses a smartphone’s accelerometer, whatever that might be, to give feedback about various aspects of a user’s sexual activity. Technology for the win!