Las Vegas Arena Will Have Its Very Own Hyde Lounge

The new Las Vegas Arena will have its very own Hyde Lounge, which you would’ve known already if you took the time to read blog headlines.

Hyde Lounge Las Vegas Arena
Hyde Lounge will be so cutting edge, it will provide guests with complimentary shadows upon request.

Hyde Lounge at the Las Vegas Arena (likely to be called the T-Mobile Arena by the time it opens), will be operated by SBE, the L.A.-based lifestyle company that currently runs the successful Hyde Bellagio.

SBE is also the company that was involved in the opening of the struggling SLS Las Vegas. SBE sold its stake in SLS Las Vegas after the company realized the whole “if you build it, they will come” is more of a movie thing than a business plan. The news release about Hyde Lounge sort of forgot to mention all that. Oopsie.

Hyde Las Vegas Arena
The surname “Hyde” originated in 7th century England. A “hide of land” was 60-100 acres, the amount of land needed to support one extended family. Yes, you just learned history from a Las Vegas blog. You’ll live.

Anyway, SBE does seem to know a thing or two about lounges and nightclubs. The company already operates a Hyde Lounge at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, as well as another at American Airlines Arena in Miami.

We’re going to include a quote from SBE CEO Sam Nazarian here, mainly because we find quotes in news release hysterical. Nazarian said, “We are extremely proud to partner with the Las Vegas Arena team on this dynamic and forward-thinking development that will transform the Las Vegas landscape. Hyde provides an unrivaled nightlife scene that will leave a footprint as we enhance the brand with this large-scale viewing and event driven destination.”

Las Vegas public relations, leading the world in using lots of words to say absolutely nothing.™

Hyde Lounge Las Vegas Arena
One of the bottle service packages at Hyde Bellagio costs $250,000. So, there’s that.

Jibberish aside, a sweet aspect of the Hyde Lounge in the Las Vegas Arena is its incredible location.

The 18,000-square-foot lounge will be located near the top of the arena, with two platforms extending out over the action. During our tour, these platforms provided stunning views and the arena isn’t even complete yet.

Las Vegas Arena
Anticipate approximately 220,000 selfies taken at this part of Hyde Lounge in the arena’s first year of operation alone.

Expect the usual Las Vegas club amenities at the new Hyde Lounge, including bottle service, couches, DJs and guests who are way, way out of your league.

The new, 20,000-seat Las Vegas arena is situated behind New York-New York, just off the Las Vegas Strip. The arena is expected to host about 100 events each year.

The new Hyde Lounge, and the $375 million Las Vegas Arena, will open in April 2016. Where should you park? Look, news releases don’t have all the answers. Just wing it.