Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Debuts Clique Bar & Lounge and High Limit Slot Lounge

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas has unveiled its newest offering, Clique Bar & Lounge, replacing its beloved (but unprofitable) Book & Stage.

We can confirm that this much-anticipated lounge is, in fact, a lounge.

Clique Bar & Lounge Cosmopolitan
“Clique. In any other city, it would knock your socks off. Here, it’s still pretty nice.”

Clique is a partnership between Cosmo and “hospitality impressario” Andy Masi.

“Impressario,” it turns out, is a fancy way of saying “manager.” It’s like saying “Voila!” rather than “There you go.”

Actually, Masi is a pretty big deal in the world of Las Vegas nightlife, and was formerly the CEO of The Light Group. Read more. Or just keep looking at our pictures. Because you’re awesome like that.

The official Web page of Clique describes it as “hip and swanky.” Sorry, “ultra hip.” Because who the hell wants to waste their time at a lounge that’s merely hip?

Clique Cosmopolitan
Yes, they’re asking us to capitalize the “q” in Clique. Request denied.

Clique is expected to have entertainment in the form of “musical stylings.” Look, we don’t make this up! Read the official Clique Web page.

It appears Clique was designed with austerity in mind. Remember, only recently did the Cosmopolitan report a profitable quarter, the first time since it opened in 2010.

Clique Bar & Lounge
“Look, we have three bars inside a giant chandelier at Cosmopolitan, so keep your underwhelm to yourself.”

Anyway, Clique Bar & Lounge officially opens Dec. 29, 2015. The real hoopla is expected to begin on New Year’s Eve.

A nice element of Clique will be that food will be served, specifically shareable plates. The menu is expected to include tacos, sliders, salads and other dishes from chef Brian Massie. That’s right, Brian Massie and Andy Masi. Homonyms for the win.

Clique lounge Cosmo
Clique is located in the center of the casino, next to the best-named casino shop in the history of shops, Vitals.

Chef Brian Massie has had a hand in a number of MGM Resorts restaurants, including Aureole at Mandalay Bay, Yellowtail and Fix at Bellagio, Stack at Mirage and Brand Steakhouse at Monte Carlo, among others.

Clique Las Vegas
During our visit, staffers were having a meeting, so we got to see the waitress uniforms. On fleek, as the kids say. We have no idea what the kids mean, but we’re pretty sure it’s a good thing.

A few feet away from Clique, the Cosmo has also opened a new high limit slot lounge, with 65 machines.

Unfortunately, no photos are allowed in the high limit lounge, so we are unable to share the one below, sorry.

Cosmopolitan high limit slots
This Las Vegas blog loves it some high limit slots. From 3-5 minutes, typically.

Here’s an exclusive look at Clique and the new high limit lounge, complete with royalty-free musical accompaniment.

The Cosmo is touting its “exclusive Fastpay technology” in its new high limit lounge, which allows players to “process jackpots right at the machine, without attendant assistance.” This system is likely to catch on, as it is touted as improving the experience by “freeing up more time for play.”

Cosmopolitan is getting serious about this whole “becoming profitable” thing.

Cosmo high limit
We’re liking this new carpeting. Unlike lots of casino carpeting, it doesn’t make us want to claw our eyes out with a players club card.

The new high limit lounge has a dedicated cage, TVs and private restrooms so high rollers don’t have to mingle with the commoners. Here’s more.

Cosmopolitan high limit room
Total security breach. Thanks for not sending us to photographer jail, Cosmo. We’re too pretty to go to jail.

Cosmopolitan still has a high limit salon for table games, and all the machines have been relocated to the new high limit lounge. The minimum bet at a blackjack table in the high limit salon? A hundred bucks. Hey, go big or go home.

Cosmopolitan high limit lounge
No, these decorative elements do not spin. Not that anyone would try to make them do that. Probably.

Just one more look at the things that don’t spin, but should.

Cosmopolitan high limit slots
High limit slots pay out more often than regular slots, and when they hit, they tend to hit big. In the words of our bankruptcy attorney, “What’s not to love?”

The new Clique Bar & Lounge at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas should be a good fit in the hotel’s mix of popular bars, and we look forward to trying some of the bar’s “artisanal cocktails,” assuming pouring Captain Morgan and diet Coke into a glass could be considered “artisanal.”

Let us know what you think of Clique and its adjacent high limit slot lounge, and keep the newness coming, Cosmo!