Erotic Heritage Museum Reality Series in the Works at HBO

It seems the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas could be the subject of a new HBO reality series.

We got a cryptic e-mail from something called “Celebrity News Tip” saying HBO executives have recently visited the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, “following up on a proposed reality series based upon the museum.

Sounds fun, but also sounds like it’s not quite a done deal yet.

If you visit the Erotic Heritage Museum, please be advised it costs more to enter through the back door.

The source also says a pilot has been filmed at the Erotic Heritage Museum over the past year, although it didn’t specify which airline they work for. Just kidding. It’s not that kind of pilot.

The production company behind the proposed series is Flower Films, owned by Drew Barrymore and Nancy Juvonen.

According to the e-mail, “A source at the museum has confirmed the show is in the works.”

We are a big fan of Las Vegas-based TV, so we’d love to see this series come to fruition.

Bonus: It’s the Erotic Heritage Museum!

Which we probably should’ve talked about in more detail earlier in this story, but you are not the boss of us.

Eight years later and the Erotic Heritage Museum still hasn’t gone bust.

According to the museum’s Web site, the legal name of The Erotic Heritage Museum is The Harry Mohney Erotic Museum. The sign on the building says Harry Mohney’s Erotic Heritage Museum.

No matter what you call it, “erotic” is in the name, so we approve.

The museum began as a collaboration between a preacher (Reverend Ted McIllvenna) and a pornographer, Harry Mohney.

The museum is touted as a “sex positive exhibition space” and “the largest museum in the world for the preservation of erotic artifacts, fine art, film, education and cultural events.”

The museum is located at 3275 S. Sammy Davis Jr. Drive, Las Vegas NV, 89109.

The museum opened in 2014. It was a soft opening. If you get our drift.

The last time we went there, it was to attend “Puppetry of the Penis.” It was a fun show. Find out more.

That’s all you get, just the tip.

As with so many TV projects, it’s hard to say how far along this potential reality series on HBO really is. It’s hard. To say.

Anyway, if there’s an official announcement of the Erotic Heritage Museum’s reality series, we’ll be all over it and we’ll let you know when to set your VCR or  whatever the kids are using to record TV shows now.

Update (6/28/22): A rep from the Erotic Heritage Museum reached out to say, “While we at the Museum are flattered by the suggestion, no one at the Museum was contacted about this gossip, nor provided any confirmation e-mail, nor do we have a deal with Drew Barrymore.” It’s unclear if this means this story is untrue or the museum has an NDA about the project and wants to make sure HBO knows they haven’t violated it. More to come.