Shops at Crystals to Host Princess Diana Exhibit

Princess Diana was beloved by many people. She was, after all, the “people’s princess.”

Apparently, some of those people have been clamoring for a Princess Diana exhibit, because Las Vegas is getting one.

“Princess Diana: A Tribute Exhibition” opens at the Shops at Crystals in August 2022. No specific date has been given. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to get tickets. There will be plenty, all due respect.

We always had a favorable impression of Lady Di, mostly because it never seemed like she actually wanted the gig.

The Princess Diana exhibit will be 10,000-square-feet and will “transport visitors effortlessly into the life of world-famous royalty through the designer fashions, personal effects and historic items of the ‘People’s Princess’ and family and friends important in her life.”

We were going to say that sounds as fun as watching paint dry, but the Shops at Crystals already has that covered with its Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit, a vivid example of how the words “immersive” and “entertainment” have become utterly meaningless.

Then again, what’s excruciatingly boring to one person could very well be another person’s favorite exhibit, ever, so the Lady Di thing might be right up your alley!

Prithee, readeth on, or whatever royalty says when they’re beseeching or whatnot. Hey, we watched “Game of Thrones.”

The Princess Diana exhibition does have at least one thing going for it: “The exhibition is created and produced by SBX Group and SEE Global Entertainment in partnership with Pink Ribbons Crusade, a 501(c)(3) all-volunteer charity sharing its multimillion-dollar collection of Diana artifacts and royal family memorabilia to raise funds to fight breast cancer.”

Damn it, now we’re feeling guilty.

The exhibition will have 12 themed rooms, including “Wedding of the Century,” “Fashion Icon” and “Gone Too Soon: A Memorial.”

According to the official announcement, “An audio guide will provide visitors with an intimate tour of the more than 500 original items and personal objects belonging (or relating) to Diana as well as other well-known royals, including Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William and Prince Harry.”

From the news release, one could almost draw the conclusion there are people who don’t see the whole Royal Family thing as absurd. We can’t even believe we just capitalized that. Maybe our disdain for the monarchy comes from the fact we’re American, so we don’t love the idea of being ruled over? Or maybe we just don’t understand what royals actually do for a living? Other than the waving thing, of course.

Anyway, if we were forced to choose a royal to have an exhibit in Las Vegas, it would probably be Princess Diana. They’re right, she died too soon. Back in 1997, actually, or a quarter century ago. Which brings us back to why there will be plenty of tickets to this exhibition.

Ticket prices haven’t been made available yet, but find out more about the exhibition at the official Web site.

There’s something for everyone in Las Vegas, and “Princess Diana: A Tribute Exhibition” definitely qualifies as something.