Confirmed: Adele Extends Residency at Caesars Palace

Just when we thought all hope for civilization was lost, our faith in humanity has been restored.


And perhaps just as importantly, did the word “Why?” warrant its own paragraph?

Well, our faith is restored because dozens of publications around the world confirmed our scoop Adele would, in fact, extend her residency at Caesars Palace.

Adele, lift one finger for every bajillion dollars you will make from your shows at Caesars Palace.

True, none of those publications mentioned the fact we scooped them, but that’s because they are massive enterprises with teams of “journalists” and we are just one person who does a blog, and it’s sort of embarrassing we know more than they do about one of the biggest entertainers in the world.

But it’s not about us, it’s about Adele.

No, actually, it’s about us. It’s our blog, so we can make it about anything we want.

We could make it about hummingbirds if we want.

For example, we could say, “Hummingbirds are amazing creatures for several reasons. Firstly, they are incredibly fast and agile, able to hover in mid-air and fly backwards with ease. Their wings beat at an astonishing rate of up to 80 times per second, allowing them to fly up to 34 miles per hour. Secondly, they are the only bird species that can fly both forwards and backwards. Additionally, hummingbirds have a high metabolism and are constantly on the move, often visiting up to 1,000 flowers per day to feed on nectar. Lastly, their vibrant colors and small size make them a fascinating sight to behold. Overall, hummingbirds are a true wonder of the avian world.”

We get bored, you get hummingbirds, it’s the law.

Well, ChatGPT could say that. Like we know all that off the top of our head.

We, on the other hand, would say hummingbirds are amazing creatures, but they’re also real jerks to each other sometimes. They seem like one of the most pugnacious creatures in the animal kingdom, all while acting like they’re sweethearts. They all think they own the feeder, some are outright bullies. The feeder is for everyone!

Anyway, Adele announced 34 more shows.

Modesty precludes us from droning on and on about how we shared the news two weeks before the rest of the world. Oh, right, like you wouldn’t brag if you broke worldwide news. (We also broke the news Adele would have a Vegas residency in the first place, but you don’t see us bragging about that! Modesty!)

Various news outlets have suggested Adele will get a pay increase for her next dates: As much as $1.2 million per show.

Adele will take a short break, as she’s played all her originally-announced dates, then will return to Caesars Palace on June 16, 2023.

This leg of her residency will run through Nov. 2023, unless she gets pregnant, and even if she does, she’ll probably do the shows, anyway. Baby needs a phalanx of nannies, security detail and some sort of trust fund for defense lawyers for down the road, trust us!

When Adele returns to the stage, the show will get an overhaul featuring flocks of hummingbirds.

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Actually, when she returns, Adele plans to film her shows so fans who can’t attend can enjoy them.

Las Vegas pundits agree Adele has made amends for the bumpy start to her residency. And by “pundits,” of course, we mean us. Why would we care what other people think? Adele’s residency was postponed at the last minute back in January 2021. It took nine months for the residency to happen, and she’s gotten raves ever since.

There’s been no real diva behavior (we’d have heard about it), although there was a rumor she bailed on a suite at Rio offered by Caesars Entertainment, resulting in a move to Wynn Las Vegas.

Adele has also had no canceled shows, despite reports her chronic back pain has bothered her during her residency.

Adele’s residency has been a windfall for Caesars Palace and its owner, Caesars Entertainment.

If Adele’s hot streak continues, she could give Celine a run for her money in terms of revenue. Celine’s residencies earned a whopping $681 million.

Celine’s planned residency at Resorts World, sadly, has been thwarted by medical issues.

Thanks to all the Adele fans who have sent along their appreciation for the early word Adele’s residency would be extended. They are a passionate bunch, to say the least.

Props to our friends at Caesars Entertainment who never faltered in their support of Adele, and who are now reaping the rewards of their understanding and patience.