Woman Allegedly Chops Off Nevada Man’s Head After He Demands Sex Act

Posted on: August 18, 2023, 05:45h. 

Last updated on: August 18, 2023, 12:22h.

A 45-year-old woman was arrested this week on a murder charge after she allegedly decapitated her sometimes-boyfriend in a Henderson, Nev. residence.

Devyn Michaels
Devyn Michaels in a mug shot, pictured above. She was arrested after allegedly decapitating a man. (Image: Henderson Police Department)

The man had ordered her to perform an unspecified sex act on him. She refused and then allegedly killed him.

The body of Johnathan James Willette, without the head, was discovered by his mother on August 7 on a bed in his Pala Dura Drive home.

The suspect in the case, Devyn Michaels, 45, was the sometimes-girlfriend of Willette, 46. He was also identified as the father of her children, according to Las Vegas TV station KLAS.

Willette’s body was “wrapped up in blankets and bloody,” at the time it was found, according to a Henderson Police Department report quoted by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Johnathan’s head had been severed from his body, and was not observed to be in the room,” police added.

It’s unclear if the head has since been located.

Abuse Allegations

Michaels told police that Willette was abusive to her and a child, the Review-Journal reported. It’s unclear if police have confirmed the abuse allegations.

Michaels also claimed Willette would watch as a child of his was in the shower, KLAS reported. Michaels and Willette had two daughters together, the Review-Journal added.

When speaking to officers, Michaels admitted striking Willette on the head with a wooden stick while the two were on the bed, the report added. She never confessed to severing his head, but told officers she just wanted to injure him sufficiently so he would need to go to a hospital, according to KLAS.

Meat Cleaver Missing

Police didn’t specify what was used as the murder weapon. But Willette’s mother told police a meat cleaver was missing from their kitchen, the Review-Journal reported.

When police arrived at the crime scene, officers also noticed that “smoke” was rising from the headless body. It appeared the suspect applied bleach and ammonia on the corpse, police added.

Willette’s mother said she had seen her son with Michaels on the night before his body was discovered. A few hours later, Michaels, while washing dishes, told Willette’s mother that her son was drunk.

Willette’s mother said she heard dogs barking a few hours later, and became concerned at around 8 a.m. when she saw dogs outside of the house and her son’s truck still there. She discovered his body shortly thereafter.

It was later revealed that Michaels didn’t live at the Pala Dura Drive residence. But she and Willette reportedly planned to move in together.

Michaels is married to Willette’s son, and the two live together, KLAS reported. She claims she married the son because of unspecified “medical reasons,” according to KLAS.

Took Lie Detector

After police located Michaels, she was given a polygraph test. Police said she had a “significant reaction” when asked if she took part in his killing, KLAS added.

The Clark County coroner’s office was in the process of performing an autopsy on Willette this week.

Henderson is located southeast of Las Vegas.