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Mandalay Bay Shooting

How Las Vegas Changed in 2018 in the Ongoing Wake of the Mandalay Bay Mass Shooting

At one minute after 10 pm on October 1, 2018, the iconic marquee lights of the Las Vegas Strip went dark, as the city...

Philip Conneller December 27, 2018
Scientific Games lawsuit settlement

Scientific Games Agrees to Pay $151.5M in Settlement, Reducing Penalties in Federal Lawsuit

Scientific Games announced Wednesday that it had agreed to pay $151.5 million in order to settle a federal antitrust lawsuit with four companies over... Staff Writer December 14, 2018
Gacha games

Japan’s Loot-Box Mobile Games Industry in Decline as China Levels Up

As the debate about loot-boxes and gambling continues to rage, the industry that started it all is in freefall, Bloomberg reports. The Japanese “gacha”...

Philip Conneller November 8, 2018