Betsafe Sportsbook Refuses to Pay Winnings to Frustrated Peruvian Sports Bettor

Posted on: October 7, 2022, 07:48h. 

Last updated on: October 7, 2022, 11:38h.

Peru’s online gaming and sports betting industry is relatively young, but one of its operators has an established history in other markets. Betsson has been around for years, which makes its decision to deny a sports bettor in Peru his winnings more than a little puzzling.

Betsafe BMW Z4 GT3
The Betsafe-sponsored BMW Z4 GT3 used in the Gumball 3000 appears in a promotional shot. Betsafe faces allegations it refuses to pay out a user in Peru around $87K he has in his account. (Image: YouTube/Betsafe)

The local market has been invaded by various companies since President Pedro Castillo Terrones signed online gambling into law in August. The activities were already common, but the legislation defined the framework within which operators could offer their services.

The provisions don’t include language that allows an operator to withhold someone’s winnings. However, that is what Betsson’s Betsafe online sportsbook is doing, according to a former user.

Cut Off in Peru

Through Twitter, “samar180298” made a claim against Betsafe, bringing to light the fact that the company “refuses” to pay the balance of PNS275,000 (US$68,915). His ordeal began on September 21, when he could no longer access his verified account.

He contacted a Betsafe agent, who told him that the operator would send him a response via email. After 10 days and no response, he decided to close his account and withdraw his funds. Betsafe agreed, but then froze his account without releasing his balance.

Since then, he has not been able to find any resolution. Betsafe has offered its justification for its actions, though it may not hold up to scrutiny.

The company told Samar that it closed the account and withheld the funds because of “a breach of the terms of use.” It cited a section of the T&C that states, “If you are found to be using the website in any way for which it was not designed, i.e., for fun and entertainment, we will adjust your account and remove any balance earned by such activity and the account may be permanently closed.”

The Twitter thread gained traction and Samar’s followers jumped in to help. Several tagged Peru’s consumer protection agency for assistance. The state entity responded and told Samar to reach out via email or through its website to file a claim.

This wasn’t the first time Samar had difficulty with Betsafe. He explained in another tweet that it excluded him from a tournament that he already won without prior notice, denying him a prize of PNS4,000 (US$1,002).

Samar is apparently not the only player to face difficulty with Betsafe. But hopefully, he can clear things up quicker than another user. PeruvianHope responded to the thread stating that it “took 2-3 years to unfreeze” his account balance of around $4,000.

Cringe-Worthy Treatment

Some $68,000 is a lot of money by any standard. But in a country where the average monthly salary is around $426, it makes an even bigger difference. Even after the 12% tax the government takes, Samar’s balance is around 10 times what the average worker makes in a year.

Another Peruvian bettor recently received a huge payday. He made an eight-leg parlay on a series of soccer matches, and walked away cash-flush after all of his bets hit.

The betting slip, which went viral on social networks, showed a PNS3 (US$0.75) bet on soccer matches. It also revealed the final payout following the successful bet. The unidentified bettor took home PNS45,822 (US$11,482). Hopefully, he doesn’t use Betsafe.