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Acres Las Vegas Player Budget loyalty reward

Las Vegas Gaming Manufacturer’s Technology Better Identifies Player Budgets

Acres, a leading gaming manufacturer based in Las Vegas, has developed new technology to assist casinos in better determining the true value of players...

Devin O'Connor March 14, 2024

PlayAGS Can Gain Share Amid Slot Consolidation, Says Analyst

PlayAGS (NYSE: AGS) reported fourth-quarter earnings and revenue that were near the top end of previously disclosed guidance. Looking further out, the slot machine...

Todd Shriber March 6, 2024
Online slots, UK reforms, £2, maximum stakes

UK to Announce £2 Max Stakes on Slots In Drastic Reform

The UK government is expected Friday to set the maximum stake on online slots to £2 per spin for those younger than 25, and...

Philip Conneller February 22, 2024