Charlie Side Hustle: Pete Rose to Give Baseball Picks to UPickTrade Subscribers

Posted on: April 14, 2021, 08:44h. 

Last updated on: April 15, 2021, 11:17h.

Legendary baseball player Pete Rose turned 80 on Wednesday, and if you’ve read this far, you probably have a pretty good idea what this story involves.

Pete Rose
Pete Rose of the Cincinnati Reds rounds first base as he collects the record-breaking 4,192nd hit of his career on Sept. 11, 1985. On Wednesday, UPickTrade announced Rose would offer its subscribers daily picks on baseball games. (Image: AP)

Baseball’s banished hit king celebrated his birthday by signing on with sports betting tout service Over the next six-plus months, subscribers to UPickTrade will receive special commentary, predictions, and recommendations on the 2021 season.

Over a span of 24 seasons, Rose amassed a major league record 4,256 hits, three World Series rings, three batting titles, and 17 appearances in the All-Star Game. He earned the nickname “Charlie Hustle” for his hard-charging style of play. Most notably, in the 1970 All-Star Game, an exhibition contest, he severely injured catcher Ray Fosse’s shoulder to score the game’s winning run.

There are very few if any people in the world who know more about baseball than Pete Rose, so his deep knowledge of the game and his experiences in gambling will blend well with our unique sports betting strategies and algorithms,” said Carlos Lazo, CEO of the Mexican-based company.

Of course, Rose was also banned from baseball for life in 1989 after investigators determined he bet on games involving the Cincinnati Reds, his hometown team. That’s where he spent most of his playing career, and he followed that up by managing the squad until he received his lifetime suspension.

Shortly after that, the Baseball Hall of Fame announced banned individuals would not be eligible for enshrinement.

Rose Embraces Gambling

For years after his suspension, Rose continued to deny the allegations and pushed for reinstatement. Then, in 2004, he came out with a book and admitted betting on his Reds.

The move was seen as an attempt for reinstatement, and with that, enshrinement in the Baseball Hall of Fame. However, the move backfired, as the book announcement came out around the same time the Hall of Fame named that year’s enshrinement class.

In recent years, Rose has come to acknowledge his fate and has admitted he will probably not get in the Hall.

While he was a well-known horse racing bettor back in his playing days, he’s also come to fully embrace his sports betting side. He said in an interview last year that he still gambled on baseball games in recent years.

The UPickTrade deal also isn’t Rose’s first. Late last year, he became a spokesperson for a sports handicapping service run by commentator and former Libertarian vice presidential candidate Wayne Allyn Root.

Rose, who will also sign hats, baseballs, and bats for those who agree to long-term subscriptions with UPickTrade, said in the release he’s looking forward to sharing his knowledge through the site.

“The 2021 Major League Baseball season will be one of the most interesting ever, and I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts on it every day with subscribers,” he said.

About UPickTrade

As a tout service – or “long-term strategy and money management sports recommendation service,” as company officials describe their business – UPickTrade offers recommended picks on MLB, the NBA, the NFL, and the NHL, as well as money management recommendations. That basically means how much you should wager, likely in terms of units (ie, one unit means your normal bet, two units means double your usual wager, and so on).

The company’s statement says it uses a “unique sports betting algorithm” to make those recommendations to subscribers.

The company charges $89 a month, with discounted rates if subscribers buy six, nine, or 12-month subscriptions upfront.

Lazo said in the release he started his company because he saw that bettors weren’t benefiting from similar services already in business.

“Since its launch in December 2017, I have presented an alternative service without association with any sportsbook, with the sole purpose to create a tool for our clients to make money through our sports betting strategy,” Lazo said.

This isn’t the first time this year UPickTrade has made news. About six weeks ago, the company made history by partnering with a North American major league team.

That deal with the Las Vegas Golden Knights lasted all of three days, until the team pulled the plug on it.

Critics voiced concerns almost immediately after the team announced the official “Sports Pick Service” partnership. Some wondered on social media if UPickTrade would get access to team information.

In the release Wednesday, the company stated it uses no “privileged information from teams” in its picks.