Paddy Power’s Trump-Designated Oddsmaker Covers Contingencies You Never Imagined

Posted on: September 22, 2017, 03:00h. 

Last updated on: September 22, 2017, 03:44h.

Donald Trump odds at Irish bookmaker Paddy Power cover just about every conceivable happening these days, with a “Head of Trump Betting” at the online operator tasked with setting lines on everything from his relationship with Melania to the measurements of his First Member.

Donald Trump odds Paddy Power
Paddy Power’s designated Trump linesman has set Donald Trump odds on just about everything. (Image: Paddy Power)

Notorious for offering seemingly absurd lines through its novelty division, Paddy Power is back to its old tricks when it comes to dealing with President Trump. The land-based and mobile bookmaker promoted longtime employee Joe Lee to the position of “Head of Trump Betting” last month, a role the company said it was forced to create due to “record-breaking interest in Donald Trump’s presidency.”

Paddy says it took more novelty wagers on Trump during his first three months in the Oval Office than it did during former President Barack Obama’s entire eight years.

Among Lee’s Trump specials are a few choices that deal with his physical appearance.

“To confirm he’s had some form of hair surgery” is the favorite at 2-1. “To surgically enhance his penis” is next at 50-1, “To grow a Hitler mustache” 66-1, “To die his hair red, white, and blue (200-1), and the longshot “To surgically enhance his hands” at 500-1.

The lines run through Sunday, December 31st. Paddy Power has discretion in determining the outcomes, which could be difficult, considering the absurdity of some of the bets.   

Political betting is banned in the US, though some prediction wagering sites, like PredictIt, operate in a quasi-legal manner.


Paddy Power’s section devoted to the leader of the free world comes under the predictably tasteless heading of “A Golden Shower of Trump Odds.”

While more typical lines are offered, like the chances of him serving a second term (3-1), Paddy also asks whether he’ll commission his own face to be added to Mount Rushmore, or put his likeness on US currency (both at 100-1). The odds of him converting to Islam? A surprisingly decent chance is given, at just 50-1.

Think the president will come out as gay? That’s going for 100-1. The Donald Trump odds of a sex tape hitting the internet are at 14-1. Sparing no possible scenario, Paddy Power offers up “Joe Biden meets Trump at an event and punches him right in the face” at 100-1.

Good Taste Not a Job Requirement

In June, Paddy Power advertising chief Ken Robertson, whose official title was then “Head of Mischief,” departed the bookmaker for greener pastures after 19 years. Often credited for Paddy’s rise in popularity, Robertson kept the sports book in the news by producing ads and marketing spots that often treaded closely to, or simply went way over, the line.

Some notable ads  from recent years include the taglines, “A Woman’s Place is in the House!” referring to then-candidate Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the presidency. Another read, “Paddy Power. Right Behind Gay Footballers.” A semi-trailer truck was adorned with Paddy Power wrap that red, “Immigrants, Jump in the Back! (But only if you’re good at sport).”

Paddy Power has also offered very controversial odds in recent years. It took bets on the chances of Barack Obama being assassinated in office, and the first species to become extinct as a result of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico back in 2010.

Some thought Robertson’s departure might soften Paddy’s tone, but with Trump in office and a new cheeky lad in the linesman seat, the site is only doubling down on the controversial.