NFL’s LeSean McCoy Bets $200,000 on Golden State to Win NBA Championship

Posted on: June 5, 2017, 05:00h. 

Last updated on: June 5, 2017, 03:26h.

Buffalo Bills player LeSean McCoy might be sprinting all the way to the bank if the running back’s $200,000 bet on Golden State winning the NBA Finals pays off.

The eight-year pro took the heavily favored Warriors to defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers.

LeSean McCoy NBA bet
LeSean McCoy, running back from the Buffalo Bills, bet $200,000 on the Golden State Warriors to defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. (Image: AP)

Steph Curry and company are a minus-260 to capture their second championship in three years. So a bettor would need to place $260 to win $100. If McCoy is successful his payoff would be $62,500.

The bet was made Thursday, before the start of Game 1 at Oracle Arena in Oakland. McCoy was in Las Vegas and visited Planet Hollywood’s sportsbook to place the wager. He posted a picture of the ticket online to a social media account.

NFL Allows Sportsbetting

Fans often seem confused on what players can and can’t do. On one reporter’s Twitter account, who posted about the bet, several people questioned whether McCoy was allowed to do this.

There is no problem putting money down on any sporting event, except professional football. The league’s policy on gambling is quite clear.

Players are also allowed to play table games or video gambling machines, as well as take part in Daily Fantasy Sports that don’t involve their profession and are legal in the state they reside in.

Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom Brady was seen at the Kentucky Derby with teammate Julian Edelman. The duo was part of several current and former NFL players at the marquee horseracing event.

Certain Activities Banned

Where the organization does have an issue is with players using their name to publicize a gambling event, such as a charity poker tournament. They also cannot appear at a casino as part of any type of promotional event.

Several players have run afoul of this rule in the past, most recently with an arm wrestling tournament held in Las Vegas. More than 30 former and current football players participated in the inaugural Pro Football Arm Wrestling Championship, held April 10 at the MGM Grand.

The former players are not under the organization’s control anymore and are free to do things they couldn’t do when employed by a team. The current pros, however, were notified that they were in violation and could expect to be fined.

However, Mike Florio’s column, Pro Football Talk, said that league still hadn’t fined the players, despite it being two months after the contest.

Pittsburgh Steelers lineback, Arthur Moats was one of the people involved in the competition and told the Beaver County Times he has not been contacted about a financial penalty.

“They have to do their due diligence when it comes to the brand, but I feel like until we hear from (Commissioner) Roger Goodell about it, it’s just, you know, anyone can say they’re going to fine him for that,” Moats said. “But until we hear from them, I don’t take it that serious.”