Nevada’s Fashion Show Mall Site May Soon Offer Table Game Instruction

Posted on: November 19, 2019, 08:01h. 

Last updated on: November 19, 2019, 10:48h.

Las Vegas area shoppers at the Fashion Show mall can learn how to play popular table games without the pressure of betting money starting on Black Friday, if all goes as scheduled.

Fashion Show mall in Paradise, Nevada, is likely soon to offer instruction on table games. (Image: Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Casino Quest is planning to rent gaming tables by the hour in the mall, located on The Strip in Paradise, to provide a lesson for participants or have them play games with friends. No money is bet, and the environment is seen as less-pressured than an actual casino.

Instruction will be given in craps, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. It is offered by Casino Education Group, which operates the CEG Dealer School in Las Vegas. Students at the dealer school will act as dealers at the mall program. The dealer school is popular already, with its YouTube channel having almost 12,000 subscribers.

There will be no money. You pay to access the space,” Casino Quest CEO David Noll told the Las Vegas Review-Journal about the mall-based gambling instruction program.

“It’s going to be (for) people who are risk-averse,” Noll explained. “It’s going to be (for) people who want to learn the game.”

Casino Quest still needs a license from Clark County to run the program, which is likely to be issued today. The firm has gotten other required permits.

Concept Tested at Fashion Mall During March Madness

The origins of the Casino Quest program date back to March Madness earlier this year, when shoppers were offered free instruction in table games.

“We were packed,” Noll recalled about the test instruction period, which coincided with the college basketball playoffs. Many millennials took part.

“Monday night, the mall was closing at 9 p.m., and we couldn’t close tables,” Noll recalled.

Fashion Show mall General Manager Brent Gardner is also looking forward to the opening day for gaming instruction. “I’m happy to have a tenant come in that will offer something so unique,” Gardner told the Review-Journal.

Guests at actual casinos can often get instruction on how to play many table games. But casino dealers do not hand out real chips and the instruction is limited in time, the news report said.

“We wanted to move that training experience off the casino floor into places that people are less intimidated,” Noll told the Review-Journal.

Gaming Students May Make Their Way to Local Casinos

To encourage those who take instruction at the mall to later head over to actual casinos, Casino Quest will provide students an app to reward those who visit the brick and mortar venues. They even qualify for select discounts. Millennials are a target audience many casinos want to attract to their venues.

Alex Kim, president of Casino Quest, told the Review-Journal, “It’s a very popular thing now to play casino table games with your friends without money involved.”

Entertainment will add to the mix of shopping, dining, and other activities provided at the three-story Fashion Show mall. There are close to 250 stores and services there already, as well as multiple restaurants. The kick-off coincides with the traditional start of the holiday shopping season on Nov. 29.

“You’re just playing a game, having fun,” Kim said about the table game instruction. “It’s more like a social thing.”