Mansion Group Shutters Online Casinos in the UK After Vowing to Push Forward

Posted on: January 13, 2023, 03:13h. 

Last updated on: January 13, 2023, 01:09h.

In March of last year, Mansion Group, the company behind a variety of online sports betting and casino platforms, shut down its sports betting activity in the UK in favor of online gambling. Now, it has decided to pull its iGaming operations as well.

Mansion Group
Former soccer player Yohan Cabaye holds a Crystal Palace jersey after the soccer team signed a sponsorship deal with Mansion Group. The betting and gaming operator is removing its iGaming operations from the UK after pulling out its sports betting activity last year. (Image: Pinterest)

Mansion has been active in the UK online gaming market for more than five years, though it apparently never gained enough traction to make a long-term investment in the country worthwhile.

The company is shutting down its, Mansion Casino, and Slots Heaven platforms, all of which have already informed visitors of the exit. It isn’t clear, and Mansion executives aren’t saying, if it will close its operations in other locations, such as Spain or Canada.

UK iGaming Field Gets Smaller

Mansion didn’t provide many details about the decision, nor did it offer much warning. That lack of proactive customer support likely explains part of the reason behind its inability to garner more success.

It’s also possible that the changing environment in the UK played a part. The country is undergoing a shift in its approach toward gambling, and greater restrictions are making it more difficult for some operators to earn a living.

On Mansion’s UK-facing websites, a message now appears explaining that the platform stopped accepting deposits as of 5 p.m. on January 12, and turned off gameplay just before midnight.

It adds that users must zero out their accounts by April 12. In accordance with UK gaming regulations, users can technically request withdrawals after that date. However, the process isn’t easy and could take several months to complete.

Mansion has a presence in Spain, Canada, and Africa, among other locations. However, as it concentrates more on affiliate activity, there exists the possibility that these other online gaming jurisdictions may succumb to the same business decision.

The exit from the UK market could trigger additional changes at Mansion, which had sponsorships with several sports teams, including Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, and more.

Last August, 888 Holdings announced that it will remove the Mr Green sportsbook from the UK, but not from Ireland. It said it would keep the online casino side of the business going. It’s unclear how or if the decision by Mansion will impact 888’s future plans.

Curious Decisions

The exit from the UK marks a major shift for Mansion that, at first look, defies logic. Multiple studies have shown that the country’s online gaming industry, with more than $12.5 billion in revenue, is the most successful in Europe.

It’s also one of the strongest in the world. The US is catching up, with its $11-billion industry, and Australia is a distant third with $6.5 billion.

The global gaming industry is watching the UK as it continues to work on gambling reform. Both the government and gaming regulators continue to tweak the framework. But the biggest changes are going to come through an updated government-prepared gambling white paper.

That update will likely deliver the biggest changes in the UK’s gambling laws in almost two decades. However, anti-gambling pundits are screaming for a complete overhaul with more restrictions, which won’t likely happen.The Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS), which is overseeing the changes, acknowledges that certain new controls are necessary. However, higher-ups within the government body have also admitted that it will take a commonsense approach to the reforms.

That should include considering three key factors. Several studies, including those by the UK Gambling Commission, have shown that problem gambling encompasses less than 0.2% of the market. That makes it virtually nonexistent, and achieving 0.0% is an unrealistic pipedream.

Additionally, with the gambling industry such a large contributor to the economy, the UK can’t afford to trim it down too much. The current financial stability and future economic projections preclude the use of massive restrictions.

Lastly, numerous studies have proven what the anti-gambling group refuses to admit: restrictive regulated markets lead to increased activity on the black markets. Therefore, tightening the regulated market in the UK will likely only invite an increase in illegal operations.