Las Vegas Trying to Win Big on Solar Eclipse Both Inside, Outside

Posted on: August 21, 2017, 04:01h. 

Last updated on: August 21, 2017, 02:12h.

Las Vegas is cashing in on Monday’s solar eclipse with everything from luxury jet trips to proposition bets on the public’s fascination with the astrological phenomenon.

Solar eclipse Las Vegas
Hundreds of thousands of people will be staring at the sun on Monday for the solar eclipse and Las Vegas businesses want to try and capitalize on the event. (Image: Getty Images)

The last total solar eclipse visible in the United States was in 1979 from the Pacific Northwest through northern Canada.

The total phase began at sunrise in the North Pacific, with the path of totality sweeping through Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana, as well as most of central Canada and Greenland. Maximum duration along the central line was over two minutes.

This event will stretch from Oregon to South Carolina with the best viewing areas being in Oregon, southern Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee and South Carolina. The next occurrence won’t be until April 9, 2024.

Eclipse Proposition Bets

Being in the gambling mecca of the world it wouldn’t be right if there wasn’t a little action available on the happening. Some casinos were taking exotic bets on Monday’s affair and were providing advice for those wanting to wager on it.

The site had odds for every state that was in the path of the total eclipse with lines on over and under for cloud coverage, if any significant rain would fall and what would be the hotel occupancy rates for those areas.

The most interesting entries were for more esoteric. There was an over and under on how many tweets would be posted and whether President Trump would mention the eclipse.

There was even a sports-related line on how many Major League Baseball games would be delayed or postponed because of it.

Sin City to Sunless City

Even though Southern Nevada isn’t an optimal viewing location that isn’t stopping businesses from trying to promote the tourist destination as a prime place to be when the moon passes in front of the sun.

The casinos would rather have you inside gambling, rather than outside looking at the sun, but while they didn’t have any formal activities planned for the event, several places were taking advantage of the spectacle.

The activities are running the gamut from improving your chi to thrilling your senses.

A boutique will host a gong meditation on the shopping center’s lawn. The owner of the shop, which sells Native American jewelry, is offering geological lessons and will be raffling off crystals.

A company in near by Boulder City is taking people on a raft ride near the Hoover Dam and around Lake Mead for $97, plus an additional $49 to pick up guests and bring them back to their hotels.

The most adventurous way to celebrate the eclipse was trying to get as close to it as possible. One private jet company had scheduled flights to Los Angeles from McCarran airport for $129 each way during the peak time for people to get a better look.

Another company was charging $349 for a one-way flight, where they then opened the door and passengers jumped out of plane. Parachutes were included.